May Sparkles

by Jirrine & Mary-Sue

Weather wise May has been absolutely miserable here in the Netherlands. Normally we average around 20 degrees Celsius but I don’t think we had more than 2 of those days this year. It has been raining like crazy with some thunderstorms and crazy winds. On those days that it wasn’t raining the skies were cloudy and gray. Luckily we found some sparkles despite the weather!


May Sparkles Rituals Sunrise

In the absence of great weather outside I tried to make it sunny inside. Last year I scored this foam in a sale at a department store. I love foam shower gels: they are so luxurious! This one from Rituals has an amazing scent. The Sweet Orange smells just like sunshine and the cedar adds a musky note. Paired with the orange packaging it is making me smile every time I step in my shower. The foam has been renamed and is now called Laughing Buddha Shower Foam.

Rituals Laughing Buddha Sensational Shower Foam from €8,00/£8.50/$15.00

May Sparkles Arizona Green Tea

When the days get longer and warmer, which normally happens in May except for this year, I start to transition from hot to cold drinks. I love to drink tea year round and a great cold “tea” is Arizona’s Green Tea with Honey. Just the packaging of this brand is gorgeous to look at with the fun colors and oriental inspirations. It is super refreshing and does not have an artificial flavor. Since a couple of years this brand has been for sale in Dutch supermarkets as well and recently they introduced the 1,5 liter cartons. Now I can enjoy more of this favorite. I also really like Arizona’s other flavors!

In the Netherlands a limited selection of  Arizona Beverages are sold in most supermarkets. Prices start at €0,95. For stores in the UK go to In the US their signature cans are priced at just $0.99.

May Sparkles Nike Air Max One Aloha

When I saw these shoes it was love at first sight! I love Air Max 1’s: they are comfortable and practical, look good and come in all kinds of fun prints and colors. These are the Air Max 1 Aloha Black (they are called Air Max 1 print online and in store). They were introduced early May so you might still be able to find these in stores or online. The Aloha pack also consists of Roshe’s and Huarache’s if the Air Max 1 is really not your style and you can even go matching with the rest of your outfit!

Nike Air Max 1 Aloha (Print) from €140/£97/$110

May Sparkles Lush Mask Ayesha

I have been familiar with Lush products for a couple of years and time and time again I fall in love with them. I had not yet tried one of their fresh face masks but it is safe to say that I’ll be trying more of these in the future. Stay tuned for my in-depth review of the Ayesha mask! I can already tell you that it worth the splurge!

The Ayesha Fresh Face mask can be purchased online or in stores. A package contains 75 gram/2.1oz and costs £6.50/€11,65/$6.95.

May Sparkles Anwb Indonesie travel guide

My last sparkle is not really an item per se but more an experience. I’ll be travelling to Indonesia this summer for the first time! This guide has been amazing in helping me plan the trip. I like to book transportation and accommodation beforehand to fully enjoy my holiday. The excitement during planning the trip is really part of the experience for me. I can spend hours reading up on highlights, sights and to do lists. I have found some great recommendations! But the best part will be is going there and experience it all myself. Hopefully I’ll discover some highlights myself!

Guide pictured is the ANWB Wereldreisgids Indonesie, which is only available in Dutch, for sale on €26,95. Alternatively you can use the Lonely Planet Indonesia guide or the new Bali & Lombok guide.


May Sparkles Lipton - Russian Earl Grey tea

Literally the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is roll out bed into my kitchen and make myself a nice cup of tea. I was never a fan of the very strong flavored black teas until I drank the Lipton’s Russian Earl Grey. I don’t know what does it for me, maybe the orange peel or the blue corn flour petals but it pushes all my taste buttons.

Lipton Russian Earl Grey, a container with 20 teabags from €1,58

May Sparkles Hunkemoller bikini bottoms

May Sparkles Hunkemoller bikini bottoms

Yes, I live in The Netherlands. Yes, the weather is cold and rainy 11 out of 12 months of the year. No, I probably do not need that much swimwear then. But I just couldn’t resist. At the beginning of May I went to the Hunkemöller’s Outlet Days and got these cute and colorful bikini bottoms for 3 euros a piece. Now I only need bikini tops… Let’s mix-and-match!

These particular bikini bottoms are probably not for sale anymore. To shop the brand Hunkemöller go to

May Sparkles Orange Authentic Vans

Can it get any more stereotypical?! I am now the proud owner of orange Vans. In case you didn’t know, orange is the national color of The Netherlands. I bought them just before the celebration of King’s Day on April 27th, King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. So technically it is not a May favorite, but hey we just started this blog.

Orange Vans £47.00/€65,00/$45.00.

May Sparkles Tori Kelly Unbreakable Smile

I like a good beat but I love me some inspiring lyrics. “The way you live your life depends on you.” “But I’d rather make ‘em yawn than be a pawn on your chessboard.” “But don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”




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