My iPhone 6 Case

My iPhone 6 Case - iPhone 6 Spigen Style Armor

by Mary-Sue

For the last five years the iPhone 4 was my everything: my contact with the outer world, my camera, my transportation guide, my alarm clock, my answer to my every question. However, as technology progressed and subsequent Iphones got bigger and better, my old Iphone started lagging behind. The main issues I had were the short battery life, low storage space and the fact that it was as slow as a dead snail… All in all, a new phone was long overdue!

Now, I know an iPhone is not your everyday purchase and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to buy one. With that in mind I browsed the webs for cases to protect my new found love. I wanted something smooth, luxurious and preferably translucent so the gold of the phone could shine through, but most importantly it needn’t be too expensive. I mean, homegirl already spend her month’s paycheck and didn’t need a second mortgage to buy a case as well.

So I was close to buying the case below, but than I remembered that I’m all fingers and thumbs… pretty much all of the time… and I was about to gamble my 750 euro’s worth device on a 6 euro “protective” case… Yeah, but no. Especially when I buy expensive machinery that I use all-day, everyday, I’d need some proper protection for my clumsiness.

My iPhone 6 case Credit: iPhone 6 Case.

Next thing I was youtubing – yup that’s a word – “drop tests.” This entails different dudes dropping expensive ass Iphones from different heights, with and without cases. Here’s a list of video’s that brought me to buy my case:

    This video shows you what happens when you drop your iPhone 6 without a case from approximately 1 meter height (39 inches). Moral of the video: you’ll want a case.
    This video shows you what happens when you drop your Iphone with different kinds of cases from 15 meters high (50 feet). Although the otterbox commuter ranked number one, I didn’t buy this case. Hey I am six foot tall, so I’m taller than your average girl but I don’t think my phone needs to survive a three-story high drop test. Moreover, all the otterbox series are too bulky and manly for my taste. If this is your kinda thing, by all means go crazy.
    This video showed all types of Spigen cases. I immediately fell in love with the “Spigen Style Armor.” It’s feminine, has golden details and is not too bulky but promises good enough protection with a rubber inside with “air-pockets” and hard-shell outside. All in all, my kinda case!

My iPhone 6 Case - iPhone 6 Spigen Style ArmorShimmery White Spigen Style Armor My iPone 6 case - Spigen Armor Case Gold WhiteDissected Case

Little side note: it comes in different colors!



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