Just Pierce It

by Mary-Sue

Ever since I was in high school I wanted to get my helix pierced. Even though it was all the rage back then, I didn’t get my ear pierced until very recently. Back in the day, my parents didn’t approve and you couldn’t get your ear pierced if you were underage. Also, I am a big wuss, heard all about the “cauliflower ear” and decided postponing wouldn’t be the worst thing. In University there were multiple moments of me researching piercing procedures. The three most important things I found were:

  • Get it pierced, NOT shot. Shooting will increase the likelihood of getting the feared cauliflower ear.
  • Look for reliable, hygienic and certified piercers in your area.
  • Healing varies from person to person but takes a long time, up to sometimes even a year!

After all the hours of information gathering – and a little push from my friends – I finally got it done on March 25th 2015 as a birthday gift. I felt that this was a now-or-never kind of thing. Moreover, my research showed that the chances of getting a cauliflower ear by a needle were small, and if it were to go wrong I’d be able to cope and think, “oh well, at least I lived a little.” Let the YOLO reign.   Just Pierce It Piercing EarThe Birthday Card

So me and my group of friends walked into the shop to find a large, stereotypical man: tattoos, flesh tunnels, piercings in every body part. I actually found it comforting that my piercer had a lot of piercings himself. It may look somewhat off-putting but at least he knows what he’s talking about. We chatted a bit, I told him I wanted a helix piercing and he replied I could only bring 2 friends to hold my hand. Just Pierce It Piercing Ear Pierced Ear

The “placement-pain” is very manageable. You are going to feel something, but it’s just a pinch. My piercer didn’t do a countdown to le moment supreme – which I didn’t know at the time – so I was just talking and all of a sudden there was a pinch and another pinch and it was over. just. like. that. The “afterwards-nagging-soreness” is a whole nother cookie. I wouldn’t say it is painful, but it is definitely annoying. You can’t sleep on your ear for a few weeks and you will duck every time something is moving into the direction of your ear: a hug or pat-on-the-head will become your worst enemy. Sleeping tip: ‘dig’ a hole in your pillow that will fit your ear to prevent pressure on it.

Lastly I want to talk about the after-care. There is a lot of speculation about this subject and I found that LIFTA a.k.a. Leave It The Fuck Alone a.k.a. do not touch it if you don’t need to, works the best. Spray twice a day a special piercing-spray on a Q-tip and rub it gently around the piercing but do not twist the piercing itself. I sprayed for two months, and now am fully LIFTA. Also, avoid shampoo residue, hairspray and other chemicals in your piercing!

Changing the piercing is recommended after 3 months. So when the time comes, I will write an update on that adventure. End verdict: I do not regret anything and if had known all of this, I would have done it sooner!


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