The Body Shop: Satsuma Nightmare

by Mary-Sue

I will now give you a monologue on why great smells and smelling great are two COMPLETELY different things.

On a warm, spring day I went on a shopping spree with my mom. We visited The Body Shop because I love, love, love all the different scents they have in there. I strolled along the shelves whilst opening up all the body butters, stuffing my nose in the packaging and inhaling rainbows and unicorns. My o my, how dare I choose something amongst all this loveliness?

Then my nose lingered on the smell of Satsumas. So sweet, mouth-watering even. I had to have it. So I bought the XL-version of both the body butter and the shower gel. Go big or go home, am I right? Wrong.

That night I showered with my shower gel and buttered my body with the body butter. One thing is for sure, The Body Shop does a great job with the “hang time” and strength of their scents. The whole bathroom was drenched with the Satuma smell for the next couple of hours. And myself? I was the living embodiment of a Satuma. Everywhere I walked there was this strong odor that followed around – and not in a good way.

Now the strange thing is, I still love the smell of the Satumas in the packaging, I just really hate it when I’ve put it on me. The smell is too strong, too present.

So what did we learn: first buy the smaller package and try and see if it appeals to me, THEN purchase the XL version.

Satsuma, the body shop, shower gel, clementine, jems

Satsuma Shower Gel and Body Butter

In case you do like yourself as a Satsuma:

Body Butter from €16,00 / $21.00 / £5.00

Shower Gel from 7,00 /$9.00 / £4,00


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