Review Fresh Face Mask Lush Ayesha

Lush Mask Ayesha

by Jirrine

I have a love-hate relationship with facemasks. I love how good and nourishing they are for your skin but I really don’t like the hassle of digging for one in my closet and putting it on. Now that I am out of my teenage years I notice that once in a while my skin can use a little moisture boost. Perfect opportunity to give my masks some love again. This time I picked a recent addition: the Ayesha fresh face mask from Lush. Lush describes the mask:

“Spellbinding ingredients to smooth away wrinkles. Tightening, absorbent clays, deeply effective asparagus, vitamin rich fresh kiwi fruit, bewitching elderflower and witchhazel leave the skin radiant, relaxed and refreshed.”

Lush masks always have fresh ingredients without chemicals and they are hand made. Therefore the face masks are fresher than fresh, but the downside is that they are extremely perishable. You have to keep your mask in the fridge to ensure its freshness and even then you can only keep it 3 to 4 weeks. You’ll have to use it quick!

With the Ayesha mask this is not really a problem. When I first opened the package I was overwhelmed by the smell; it is almost earthy. For some it can be too much, but I noticed that once I put on my face I did not smell it at all. The consistency of the mask is chunky so I had to be careful when applying it as it has the tendency to fall of your face when you use too much. I then left it on for 10 mins.

Wearing the mask is comfortable. I did not experience any pulling or burning and the smell was pretty much gone as well. It dries significantly in 10 mins, so the thinner the layer the more you’ll notice the drying effect. Just put on some extra and relax!

The chunkiness of the mask does make it harder to remove the mask from your face. The first time I removed it while in the shower and the absence of a mirror made it hard to see where bits were still sticking to my skin. The second time I removed it with a washcloth and that it a much faster way of removing it. Lukewarm water is the best way to remove it. The result was a peachy soft skin. I used the mask in the evening and the next morning my skin still felt softer than it did before the mask, do there was definitely some more moisture in my skin. I still have a ton left so I now I will be using it the coming days as well.

Lush Mask Ayesha 2

In short:
+ the product is green: no chemicals and handmade
+ Lush does not test on animals
+ you’ll get a lot of face mask. when used in normal quantities at least 5 to 6 applications.
+ your skin feels very soft!

– the product is perishable, and therefore needs to be used quickly
– the smell can be off-putting
– the mask is hard to remove from your face
– it is rather pricy


If you willing to pay for fresh and non-chemical products that can be traced back to the source this is a good thing to try out. Even if you don’t really care about green products Ayesha face mask is worth a shot: I felt its effects were immediately noticeable. The container contains a lot of applications and the price per mask is therefore not that extreme. Remember to keep your plastic Lush packages, because for 5 empty packages you can get a free fresh face mask! Full-size! So try this one or one of the other face mask next time you are bringing back your packages or browsing the store.

The Ayesha Fresh Face mask can be purchased online or in stores. A package contains 75 gram/2.1oz and prices start from £6.50/€11,65/$6.95.


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