Women’s Health Fit for Summer Day

WH 4

by Jirrine

I, like most people, realize that regular exercise is good for me. Believing is one thing. Acting on it is an entirely different thing altogether. The best way to get me exercising is to make it fun. For the third year Women’s Health NL organized the Fit for Summer Day, a day filled with sports, fun and meeting new people! In a moment of total spontaneity my little sister and I bought tickets. Oops, what did we sign up for?

The event took place Saturday the 30th of May in the Spa Zuiver Hotel in Amsterdam. The event was to start at 11.00 but we still had to pick up our tees and goodie bag so we arrived around 10. Right away we noticed that there were a lot of people, and everyone was really excited. There was a tense moment because we weren’t sure if were placed in the same group but luckily having a last name is guarantee enough! Beforehand we could pick one of three clinics in which we would definitely be placed. The choices were boxing, yoga and tennis. Having never played tennis in my life the choice was quickly made.

The other two clinics would be given at random and our group was signed up for yoga (yeah, I love yoga!) and boot camp (ugh, not really a fan). We started the day with a warming-up. I have never seen so many women with the same t-shirt trying to move in synchronization. It must have been a funny sight from the PT that did the warming up.

First off was yoga. I have practiced yoga before but a lot of people in the group hadn’t. The main focus was on the sun salutation, which we practiced quite extensively. A sun salutation is one of the basic moves that is used a lot in yoga and it was nice to get to practice it. My little sister is not really into yoga and had some difficulties but all in all it was a great way to start the day.

The second clinic was tennis: something I had really been looking forward too. We were introduced to some basic aspect of tennis: the serve, the volley and just plain forehand and backhand swings. I have never really given much thought to playing tennis but the clinic has made me realize that tennis is just loads of fun. It definitely might be something I want to learn in the future!

WH 8

After the second clinic it was lunchtime. Ekoplaza, a Dutch store that sells biological products, served the lunch. We were one of the last groups to arrive to unfortunately there was little fruit left and the bread was already a little on the dry side. Apart from that the organization was really great. In our goodie bag there were also two tokens each to buy beverages and some food. Bottles of water and ice tea were just one token each and we spend the other two tokens on two raisin rolls and two muesli bars. I really liked that we had the opportunity to supplement the lunch with some other things and we didn’t even had to pay extra!

WH 9
Now came the most dreaded activity of the day: boot camp. I was still carrying my goodie bag with bottles and leftover lunch when the boot camp instructor started running. We were supposed to be running to a nearby park but how was I supposed to carry the darn bag? I don’t mind running but that was hard! Once we got to the field he started explaining the exercises. I could see in his eyes that he was going to make us suffer.. My little sister did not feel very good so she sat out and watched gloatingly while I had to suffer through all kinds of exercise. We had to 50 sit-ups, 50 lunges on each side, 50 burpees (!), 50 push-ups and 50 squats, as fast as we could. Each 3 minutes he whistled and we had to sprint back and forth between two bags. Man, when I got the burpees I just couldn’t function anymore. There were girls who could do most of the exercise but I was beat after five sprint sessions and a whole load of exercises! Needless to say I walked back to the hotel.

WH 6

There was an afterparty, but since we felt tired we skipped that and went home. All in all it was a really fun day. The organization was good, and it was clear where we had to go and what we had to do. I paid €32,50 for my ticket: included were the Fit for Summer day event, a Women’s Health sporting tee, a goodie bag that included tokens for food and drinks, two magazines and a pair of Polaroid sunglasses, and a subscription to 3 issues of Women’s Health. I really think that is a decent price for what you get! I will definitely be going again next year :).

WH 5


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