Bar-B Amsterdam

Bar B 6

by Jirrine

Like most people I really like food. I also really like finding new and cool places to eat. Recently my boyfriend started a new job in Amsterdam which means that I get to go there a lot more often then I used to! Last week we had something to celebrate so we decided to venture out in search of something good. It didn’t take long before our eyes fell on Bar-B, located in side street of the Leidsestraat. My bf really likes burgers and here they had everything to satisfy that need!

Bar B 1

The interior was really cool. On the left side they have 4 round booths, two of which have their own Heineken beer taps, and 4 square boots. On the right side they have bar tables for two and long bar. The chunky stone walls were covered with the lighted ingredients you could get on your burgers and those changed color. The bar was purple and appeared to be filled with some bubbly liquid. In the back they had a separate area on a the lower floor with even more tables, but when we visited it was reserved for a party.
Bar B 3

We had a bar table seat. Normally I don’t really like to be seated higher as those seats are often not very comfortable, but these sat great. We were inside for two hours and I didn’t really feel any discomfort. With a bigger group it is really fun to seat in one of the boots though!

Bar B 2

We started with some drinks. They have all kinds of local and foreign beers. They served all sizes Heineken, but also Corona, Carlsberg, Sol, Weed Beer and various other beers. I ordered a cocktail, which turned out to be quite strong so not really what I was hoping for. But they have plenty of other drinks, if alcohol doesn’t take your fancy. The staff was really quick. Our server just had her first day and even she was quick so we didn’t have to wait long.

As a starter we had some bread with homemade herb butter. The bread was still warm and delicious.  Since my bf is really the burger love he ordered a burger. You can get pre-made burger menu’s some of which are in the style of a particular country and come with that locale’s beer. Really awesome option in my opinion. But you were also free to build your own burger. On each table were forms where you could assemble your burger to your own taste. They have different kinds of beef, but also chicken-, fish- and vegetarian burgers. They have more than 20 toppings and more than 10 sauces to pick from. They also offer different kinds of bread and if you really want to go on the healthy tour you can substitute your bread with lettuce. I ordered steak with salad. We had our food within fifteen minutes so we could dig right in!

Bar B 4

My beef was really good! It was just so well-prepared and juicy. The salad was not really to my taste: too little dressing. More would definitely have been appreciated. The accompanying steak fries were really tasty. The build-it-yourself burger was really good judging by the sighs of delight my boyfriend was uttering. He had a medium burger, and he usually has a big appetite, but this burger was too much. He couldn’t eat it all. He ordered a side dish of onion rings; those were super jummy as well.

All in all we had a delicious dinner. We didn’t order any dessert because we were really full. Bar-b is definitely a nice low-key place to have drinks or dinner with friends or loved ones, although it might be a little too hip for older people ;). The prices are reasonable: you can make your burger as (in)expensive as you want and there are plenty of starters you can eat as the main meal. Especially for a place right next to one of the busiest shopping streets in Amsterdam you can eat here for relatively little money. You can have a world burger with a beer for €11,50! So if you’re ever in search for nice burgers, you’ll know where to go now!

Barb-B Burgers ‘n Beer Bar is located at Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 19 in Amsterdam. You can check out their website for more information and their menu.


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