Vans x Disney Collection

Source: Vans

by Jirrine

I have a love for all things Disney. I also have a love for sneakers! A couple of weeks ago I came across a facebook message promoting really cool shoes. A collaboration between Vans and Disney! The collection has already been for sale for a couple of weeks, but when I visited the store last week they still had all the models. If you’re a Disney fan or just a fan of cool limited editions check out the collection below!

Vans Jasmine

I bought these cute Jasmine Vans. Despite never having seen Alladin, I think these were the nicest. Yes, they are extremely hyper and will be hard to pull of with a really formal outfit. However, I feel these are perfectely cute for summer! These are just the authentic Vans model so they are comfortable.

Vans MickeyMy bf went home with this beauties. These are the Mickey Mouse (in case you hadn’t noticed :P) grey Slip-Ons. These are a lot more wearable than the Jasmine shoes because their color is more muted and the print is not so all over the place. Definitely more easy to pair with a casual outfit or to wear on a day to day basis. Both the Jasmine Authentic Vans and the Mickey Mouse slip-ons were €75.

These are not the only things in the collection!

Vans Disney 01Disney Vans 04

The backpacks retail for €40/£35/$42

Vans Disney 02Vans Disney 04

Left: Toddler Winnie the Pooh €40/£27/$37
Right: Ariel Authentic Vans €75/£52/$60

Vans Disney 05 Vans Disney 03




Left: Disney Sk8-Hi Reissue Shoe €90/£60/$75
Right: Disney Trucker Hat €30/£25/$26

They have a lot more online: both different dessins and more items such as t-shirts, socks and tanks.

In the US they also have an exclusive: a Beauty and the Beast slip-on model. As far as I can tell those are not available in Europe. On both the UK and NL website some models are already sold out so you should be quick if you still want to score some awesome Disney shoes! You can also check out the Vans store, they might have other stock than what is available online.

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