Essence The Gel Nail Polish

by Mary-Sue

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Whenever I am in a drugstore just to get some life’s essentials I have to stroll along the make up section to see if there is anything new store. My cheap ass fancies Essence a lot and I mostly do not leave without at least one of their products. For today’s review I chose four different colored nail polishes that gave me a summer vibe.

The polishes are part of a ‘gel’ package; you can by a special gel base coat and gel top coat if you like. However, I never experienced a base and/or topcoat made that much of a difference. After three or four days the polish is chipped regardless of the amount of coats. Plus, I’m not one for extra hassle.

In every picture I wear one coat – didn’t see that one coming, did you. Essence The Gel Nail Polish, dare it nude

36 Dare It Nude
It is a beige, nude color with a bit of shimmer in it. I don’t think this kind of nude suits my skin tone the best, nevertheless it is a nice color. You could easily wear this on holiday when your outfit does the talking and you need your nails to be quiet (but present).

Essence The Gel Nail Polish, let's get lost

30 Let’s Get Lost
This is a gorgeous, turquoise ocean kind of color. I want to paint it on my toes and go for a barefooted summer stroll along a Greek beach. Essence The Gel Nail Polish, mandarine bay

12 Mandarine Bay
Not my favorite shade of orange. It is a bit plain, doesn’t have a lot of depth. The color is too simple and doesn’t stand out. Too bad.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish, do you speak love?

14 Do You Speak Love?
Wow, wow, wow! It’s not red-red, it’s not pinkish, and it’s not orange-e. This color is a deep red with the slightest tendency to purple, giving it the depth I long for. It’s a summery color, but I could definitely see myself wearing it year-round.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Conclusion: I’ll be using the turquoise and deep red polishes a lot this summer.

Essence the gel nail polish approx. $1.99 / €1,69/ £1.99


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