H&M Shoplog Summer 2015

H&M Shoplog Summer 2015, jemssparklesby Mary-Sue

Cute clothes, good quality, low prices; my student wallet is pleased! H&M has been one of my favorite stores for ages. My closet is full of their basic stuff. However, inspired by new friends I was ready to try more “adventurous” outfits. So for this summer I decided to step out of my comfort zone and buy very colorful printed shorts. As a jeans-shorts-only-kinda-girl this is a big change!

I did set myself the condition that I had to wear everything I bought. There is nothing as extravagant as buying beautiful looking clothes, feeling too insecure to pull them off and letting them waste away in the back of your closet. In order to fulfill this promise I made myself, I bought complementary tops to be worn with the shorts. Meaning, I now have three complete outfits that I can wear.

I hope this inspires some of you to try something new. Notice that “new” doesn’t have to mean “crazy uncomfortable.” Just start with dipping in your toe.

H&M Shoplog Summer 2015, jemssparklesBlouse 9,99 / Shorts 19,99

H&M Shoplog Summer 2015, jemssparklesBlouse €5,00 (on sale) / Shorts 9,99

H&M Shoplog Summer 2015, jemssparklesTop €3,00 (on sale) / Shorts 9,99


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