Hidden Jems – June 2015

by Jirrine and Mary-Sue

Hidden Jems will be a monthly recurring blogpost. Here we introduce you to products, ideas, vacation destinations, everything we think deserves some love. Somethings might be affordable, other things not so much. It’s more about aspiring then about the actualy buying.


hidden 1 - kate spade caseGraphic Floral Resin iPhone 6 Case in color Vivid Snapdragon – $40 (www.katespade.com) 

I love cute phone cases and this one is definitely a cutie! I am not generally one for pink but this is a very sophisticated pink. It will be very easy to locate your phone in the endless pits of your bag because it is in your face bright + I’ll take all the summer color I can get. Kate Spade has a ton of other cute cases for iPhone and iPad if this is not really your style.

hidden 1 - diamond ice tray cubeDiamond Ice Cube Tray – $14 (www.urbanoutfitters.com) 

What would we be without sparkles in our life? You can now add them (quite literally) to your favorite drink for that extra glitter! Whether you’re going for cocktails dresses and champagne or jeans and soda, they’ll be classier with some added diamonds.

hidden 1 - pet feeding stationPet Feeder Station – $299 (www.grandinroad.com) 

I would love to have this in my home! I (Jirrine) have two lovely kitties called Bakso and Fenix. This would be a little too big for medium sized cats but would definitely be very cute for bigger cats, and dogs. All are conviently located together (because those big ol’ bags of dog/cat food are just not pretty!) with additional space of other pet items such as toys, leashes and treats. Not really a bargain, but a girl can dream right? The station is also available in Espresso color.


Calilove, hidden jems, California Love Crewneck on sale now €17,85 / $20.00 (shipment costs not included) http://www.fresh-tops.com

I just can’t get enough of anything California. It’s by far my favorite state in America. When I was 18, I studied English there for half a year (three months in San Diego and three months in San Francisco). From the moment I landed I was hooked. I vividly remember my first drive around the area and falling in love with – everything. The nature, the cities, the people; it felt like coming home. Whenever I see something California related I just swoon. I came across this particular item on the Instagram account “Freshtops.” These girls are rocking their clothing-line and have a LOT of other rad – I just used this word for the first time, thought it was appropriate to use here – items.

succulents, hidden jems, jemssparklesPicture credit to: thesucculentsource.com

Succulents are a thing now and I completely understand why. They come in so many different shapes and sizes; you can start a new collection. And I do think the more the better applies here.

Hidden Jems IO HAWKIO HAWK $2000.00 at iohawk.com

“Personal Motorized Transporters” is what they named it, “Segway without the handlebar” is what they look like, and “Total Awesomeness” is what they stand for. If I had a few grand to spare I’d definitely buy myself and my friends this toy. We’d form an army of IO HAWKS and be the badest bitches in town who could… drive really fast? Okay so it doesn’t do more than that, but still, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY HYPOTHETICAL MONEY.


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