header-postcrossingby Jirrine

I love to receive mail! Unfortunately, most of the mail I receive nowadays are either bills or junkmail. Not many people still take the time to write a message on a postcard and mail it out. Luckily I have one exception in my family: my aunt always finds a reason to send out mail! But apart from that not a lot of happy mailbox days. A couple of years ago I came across a fantastic website to mend that problem: Postcrossing!

The principle of Postcrossing is simple. First, you make an account and fill in your postal address. Secondly, you request an address. This can be an address anywhere in the world! Thirdly, you buy or make a nice postcard and write a lovely message for someone. Last, you just mail it out! Before you mail it out you need to write a certain code on the card. When the postcards has safely landed on someone’s doormat the receiver can then fill in this code to let you know the card has arrived :).

Postcrossing Cards

Postcrossing is just like a lottery! Everytime you request an address there are tons of possibilities. I have sent cards to China, Russia, and the USA but also to Brazil, New Zealand. I have received cards from South Africa, Thailand and Malta. I have sent and received cards from 40 different countries. The postcards I have sent out have travelled more than 600,000 kilometers. Isn’t that amazing?? Through Postcrossing I have had the oppertunity to communicate with so many people across the globe. You might even stay in touch longer!

Postcrossing Mail Country Distribution

You certainly won’t be alone. You will join a community of thousands of other cool people from across the globe. On May 14, 2015 Postcrossing celebrated the 30 millionth card send. How amazing is that?! Mail is not just fun to receive but I think one the biggest benefits of Postcrossing is the connection with people different from you. In this time where contact becomes more fleeting and the hostility between people grows it is important to remember that we are beautiful and unique and that there are more good than bad people in the world. Nothing makes me happier than a postcard in the mail with a message from someone who took time out of their day to send you some sincere words. What are you waiting for? Join postcrossing and make your mailbox happy!

Do you like mail? Are you planning on joining Postcrossing?


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