Three Trends I Do Not Understand

by Mary-Sue

Let’s first start off by saying that I am not a trend-expert on any level. I understand that some of you might not agree with me and might give me a hard time. Please do explain yourself in the comments below.

I will now rant about three current trends that I completely and utterly do not understand. You’re welcome.

1. High-Waisted Bikini Shorts

high waisted bikini, weird trend, jemssparkles highwaistedbikini, high waisted bikini bottom, weird trend








I guess I could have seen this coming after the high-waisted jeans, high-waisted shorts and high-waisted skirts. The high-waisted trend is very flattering indeed, sucking in your tummy while also showing a bit of skin when worn with a cute crop top. However, why on earth would one apply this to a bikini bottom? I totally understand that some women are not comfortable with showing their belly. After all, not everyone lives in the gym. But in this case, there is an overload of suitable swimsuits or monokinis to choose from. A high-waisted bikini bottom is just an updated version of the granny pants. To put it disrespectfully: it looks like your fashion inspiration comes from Orange Is The New Black season 3 episode 2.

2. The Double Pearl Earring

doubleearring, trend, weird trend,2015Hello tumor behind my earlobe that I put there on purpose.

3.The Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

trend, weird trend, waterbottle, fruit, 2015“Oh it looks so colorful. Oh I’ll be so healthy. It’s a special water bottle with a separate compartment to put fruit in. My water will contain vitamins and have a nice strawberry flavor.” Nope. I actually jumped on the bandwagon and bought this product myself; so trust me when I say it’s not worth your money. First of all, the flavor of the fruit will not transfer to the water. Secondly, the fruit gets soggy throughout the day and you end up throwing the healthy part about this product (the fruit) out, cuz there is no way that still looks tasty…

What is a current trend that YOU don’t understand?


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