June Sparkles – 2015

Another month has flown by and we have now officially passed the half year mark. It seems like every month is over before it even started. The summer holidays are around the corner and towards the end of June the Netherlands finally caught up with the season. Finally some more summery sparkles!


IMG_5385 copy


This is one of my favorite bags ever. I am not a huge bag person: I appreciate a nice bag but I sometimes wear the same bag for a long time. In the summer I seem to gravitate more towards this beauty. This is an older Rebecca Minkoff bag in one of her classic styles: the M.A.C. This is the larger model, as it also come in a smaller size that only fits your wallet and phone. This one, however, can be stuffed to the brim! I like how it combines tan and black so that it is really versatile to wear. The weaved pattern gives it a bit of an Aztec vibe. I scored this really cheap at Nordstrom Rack but I will definitely buy another one in the future. At full price the Mini M.A.C. starts at $175 – $195. Expensive, but they are good quality. You might be able to find discontinued colors for much less though! I even saw one on sale at the official website for $118.

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Crossbody
(similar colors available at http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com)

IMG_5390With the current heatwave that is melting the Netherlands I needed some serious cooling down. This inflatable kiddie pool has proven to be perfect for lounging in the sun without getting heatstroke (drink plenty of fluids when out and about in the sun! Heatstrokes happen faster than you think!). You can even place your cans and bottles in the water to keep them cool. Genius right? The pool is even big enough to have an air matress in. Summer is really here!

Kiddie pool. Available at your local supermarket, toy store or outdoor store.

IMG_5361Now that summer is here the tank tops came out to play again. I saw this one in a local store a couple of weeks ago and I instantly fell in love. The color is a lovely cerise color, perfect for people that don’t like outright in your face pink (me). I am a fan of just simple tanks with quirky texts and/or images. This is so easy to pair with cutt-off jeanshorts or white shorts. This particular top is from the EDC by Esprit summer line. They have similar tanks in many different colors, each with a different saying. I bought four, I just like them that much! They have lots of other fun tanks as well, and they are really good quality.

EDC By Esprit printed tanks model 065CC1K003 12,99 (www.esprit.com) 

IMG_5349IMG_5355Sunglasses are my favorite accessory. I have really sensitive eyes and without sunglasses I am squinting all the time. Usually, wherever I go at any given month in the year (well, when it is not raining or snowing) I have my sunglasses with me. I am especially fond of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I suspect it is a family thing (my mom has a fabulous pair of 30 year old Wayfarers!) and it has thoroughly infected me too. My favorite model and the first model I bought is the Folding Wayfarer. It is very similar to the normal classic Wayfarer but the actual glasses are straight instead of angled. I look ridiculous with angled glasses so when I saw these I was sold! You can actually fold this all the way down: both the sides and the two glasses fold into a tiny box. I have the (biased) feeling that they are way more protected like this. This one is a recent color: a black matte pair. I also own this style in the brown tortoise color. If you are looking for a classic Ray-Ban style but don’t pull off the normal Wayfarer this might be the one for you!

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer in Matte Black Model: RB4105 601S 50-22 €139/£125/$155 (available at http://www.ray-ban.com)

IMG_5366With this last one I am cheating a little bit: It actually has two sparkles! The first one is Columbus Magazine. Columbus is a Dutch travel magazine and it is absolutely amazing. Columbus is all about sustainable travel and going where most tourists don’t think to venture. I recently bought some back issues from Marktplaats (the Dutch equivalent of eBay) and I have been in traveler heaven ever since. I have only read 1,5 issue so far (and have yet to read 15 others) but I am so ready to grab my suitcase and go to some of the amazing destinations they have covered. The pictures are just droolworthy. The other favorite in this picture is the fabulous model: Max. Max is my sister’s kitty and he is just adorable. I have two cats myself so I love fluffy little monsters. Ain’t he cute?

Columbus Magazine €5,95 per issue. Recent issues are available at Dutch book/magazine sellers. Back issues can be bought at http://www.columbusmagazine.nl. Max is priceless and obviously not for sale ;).


June Sparkles - 2015, june favorites, jemssparkles, graduation, rugIn the month of June I graduated at the University of Groningen and got my BA in Psychology. If that’s not a sparkle, I don’t know what is! The graduation ceremony itself was not that special. The head of the Psychology department gave a little speech about the Academy building in which we were seated and went on to introducing each graduate. One by one we were called forward and had to explain in two or three sentences what our Bachelor’s Thesis was about. After that it was signed, sealed, delivered.

June Sparkles - 2015, june favorites, jemssparkles, graduation rug

My family, boyfriend and friends were there to congratulate me and take the necessary pictures on “The Stairs.” We had a nice lunch, chatted about the past, present and the frightening future. With a BA in the pocket, I now have to focus on getting an MA that will land me a job. Shit just got real.

June Sparkles - 2015, june favorites, jemssparkles, travel notebookThe subsequent sparkle is this very handy travelling notebook that was given to me by a dear friend as a graduation present. I like it a lot because I love traveling and keeping a diary. This is therefore the best of both worlds combined!

June Sparkles - 2015, june favorites, jemssparkles, h&m brush, foundation brushGirlfriend wouldn’t have her flawless skin if it wasn’t for this H&M brush I ordered online. It was on sale for 3 euros only! I apply a bit of foundation on my hand and dab the brush in the blob. It makes the foundation go on smooth and it doesn’t look thick or cakey but gives good coverage. I’m sold – obviously since I already bought it ha. ha.

June Sparkles - 2015, june favorites, jemssparkles, l'oreal paris, elvive, dandruff shampoo, best dandruff shampooMy scalp has phases of dandruff – especially when the air is dry outside. I tried a lot of different methods; the Listerine mouthwash thing, Head & Shoulders shampoo, but nothing really worked. Then my GP personally recommended this shampoo of L’Oreal Paris Elvive and it works miracles. My dandruff is a goner.

What epic product / event did you discover / encounter :)?


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