June 2015 Empties

June empties 01by Jirrine 

I always seem to have more body and hair care products than I can ever finish in my life time. I was on a buying kick a couple of years ago and I am still using products now that I bought back then. I still have so many that it’ll take a couple of years before everything is gone. I did however make a serious dent this month.

June empties 02

Syoss Repear Therapy Conditioner

Last year we celebrated Christmas in Germany and I forgot to bring my conditioner. In the local supermarket I found this giant bottle of Syoss. I had seen Syoss in Dutch drugstores but never tried it. This bottle lasted me so long! Usually conditioner just seems to evaporate and it is always gone before the shampoo. This lasted 6 months (although I did use some other stuff in between..). This conditioner was really thick and made my hair really soft. In the beginning I had the feeling that it was making my hair greasy but when I solely applied it to my roots it worked wonders. I can’t exactly remember how much I paid for it, but it was less than €5. Kruidvat (Dutch store!) has Syoss on sale (2 for €7) until July 19. I might pick up some new bottles!

June empties 03Garnier The Radiance Renewer Cleansing Gelee

At first I was really weirded out by this product! It is really just like putting jelly on your face, it is just that thick. It is really easy to use, especially with the pump bottle and the smell was also really pleasant. I must say that I do prefer mouse/foaming face washes, so this product was good but not totally to my liking. I can’t say that I noticed a brightening effect but then again I rarely believe the things companies write on bottles. If you want to put nice-smelling jelly on your face and feel like a pudding, you should give this a try! No, all joking aside this is just a decent face wash. Nothing really special but the citrus makes up for it. Btw, I have not seen this in Europe yet. I bought it in the US so you might have to use your Google sorcery to find out where you can get this ;).

June empties 04The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner for Sensitive Skin

I love this line. I don’t know what it is about it but it is just sooo good. Especially in winter I need gentle products because my skin gets a lot drier. I used the whole line and whenever I used it for longer periods of time it worked wonders for my skin. Unfortunately it is somewhat expensive to replace the empties as The Body Shop is not really budget proof. I have some other products I want to finish first but I will definitely get back to this line in the future.

June empties 07The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream for Sensitive Skin

The highlight of the Aloe line is really this cream. It is just incredible light-weight, almost feathery, and your skin will soak it up like a sponge! This also lasted a seriously long time, I think that I used it day and night for almost a year. I am rather lazy and usually don’t use different creams for day and night. After all, your skin can’t read right? If you have a drier skin that gets a oily from thick creams you could give this line a whirl!

June empties 05

Rituals Sunrise Foaming Shower Gel Sensation

For once the packaging does not lie: this shower gel is a sensation! Like I said before I love foaming products and this one is no different. It smells absolutely divine and it is a true luxury to put this on your skin. The more observant readers might have seen this product here on JEMS before as I featured it in our May Sparkles, it is just that good! So, drop everything and run out to buy this (search for Laughing Buddha as this product has been renamed!). Trust me, you will love me for it!

June empties 06Kruidvat Scheergel 6Silk Sensation

This was nothing really special but it does its job. I never splurge on shavingcreams because it think all those ads are really just marketing. This shaving cream is just the store brand and dirt cheap. Convenience and cheapness is just as important as extravangance. You gotta pick the products to spend your hard earned cash on and shaving cream is just not one of them.

June empties 08Argan Oil Shampoo

This is really a diamond in the rough (yes, we sneak in gemstones everywhere) and a product that has really surprised me. Argan Oil, Macademia Oil, Olive Oil and everyother oil you can think off is now used in hair products and as the bandwagon was already disappearing over the horizon I tried to jump on it. This is I think (correct me if I’m wrong) a brandless product but man, is it good. This bottle was €2,99 and it was such a good product. It was thick, smelled absolutely delicous and was a true joy to put in my hair. It was so well loved that my two sisters kindly helped me to empty the bottle, much to my displeasure! I am still using the conditioner and it is just as good. I will absolutely, definitely pick this up again.

So these were my empties. Have you finished something last month that is really worth my money?? Let us know!



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