Movie Jewels #1 – Perfect, Home is where the Spy is

by Jirrine

I love movies! Curling up on the couch with the curtains drawn and fresh popcorn from the microwave, or under your blanket in bed with a big bowl of crisps! Sigh, ultimate relaxation.. I also really love seeing movies in the cinema. The experience is just so cool! I have a Pathe Unlimited Card which basically means that I pay €19 a month to see unlimited movies in Pathe cinemas. Pathe cinemas are located across the Netherlands so I am never far from one. My boyfriend introduced me to the concept when we were just dating and I’ve had the card ever since. It has allowed me to see some pretty cool movies over the years. I definitely think that some movies are worth seeing in the cinema: The Hobbit Trilogy but also movies like the Hunger Games are just more intense with the surround sound and a big ass screen. Lately I have seen some cool movies that I want to share with you. Hopefully you’ll see something you want to watch!

Spy (2015)

spy_poster-2First of, I think that Melissa McCarthy is absolutely hilarious! I have watched more movies she starred in (The Heat, Identity Thief) and she has just a natural way of being funny. She is just really a kick-ass actress! Ok, back to the movie. Spy was released in cinemas on June 5th and is currently still running in Dutch cinemas. It features the aforementioned Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law, Miranda Hart and Rose Byrne.  The premise of the movie is simple: Susan Cooper (McCarthy) is an analyst for the CIA and helps agent Bradley Fine (Law) when he is in the field. She was top of her class at Langley but despite that has failed to get away from desk work. Then the names of all active CIA field agents fall in the wrong hands and it is up to Cooper to infiltrate a network of arms dealers and save the world from a nuclear device.

This movie is seriously crazy. Every trope and stereotype of the spy movie genre is used: from the Bond-inspired intro song to the chase scenes and the one-liners. However, it uses all this without ever getting annoying. McCarthy really tries to create her own character who, although based on the great movie spies, is really her own. Don’t expect a clever spy movie though: this is much more a comedy and meant to entertain you rather than dazzle you with its cleverness. The only thing you have to do is just enjoy it. To get you even more excited, look at this pretty vintage Spy poster made by Screen Relish.

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

The Barden Bellas are back! Since the moment they announced that Pitch Perfect would have a sequel I have been waiting for this. I really liked the first one: I just have a love for music and singing and the movie was just so much fun to watch. I had super high hopes for Pitch Perfect 2. Luckily, it was just as good as the first one! All the characters I loved are back: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and of course the best character in this movie: Elizabeth Banks. Pitch Perfect 2 is her debut as a feature-length director and in my opinion she has done a great job! Banks’ role as commentator Gail is one of the most hilarious characters in the movie and it is worth watching it just for the one liners.

Okay, back to the movie itself: Pitch Perfect 2 takes a place a couple of years after the original and the Bella’s are now well-known a-capella group. After a thought provoking and shameful performance at the Lincoln Center the group is barred from the national championships and it seems that the group will never be able to perform again. But luckily the day will be saved by a loophole: the Barden Bella’s will be able to get their license back if they win the International A-Capella Championships, a competition that has never been won by an American group before. The cast has mostly stayed the same but has welcomed new-comer Hailee Steinfeld. Together with Kendrick and Wilson she makes a great team and the movie is thoroughly entertaining. Pitch Perfect 2 is, however, very similar to Pitch Perfect but I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. You can compare it to the Step Up franchise, although those later movies are very bad!, in that it is just plain fun to watch if you are into music mashes and great singing. Just like Pitch Perfect had Cups as its leadsong, Pitch Perfect 2 has its own song too: Flashlight. The original is performed by Jessie J, but the version performed by Hailee Steinfeld is just beautiful. Just have listen:

Home (2015)

HomeI have a soft spot for animation movies. I think that they are incredibly beautiful and have great messages. I love Disney movies but over the last couple of years Dreamworks has been working hard to earn my top spot of favorite animation movies. With Home they are getting close to earning it!  One of the greatest misconceptions about animation movies is that they are not fun to watch for adults. I wholeheartedly disagree: animation movies are great for everyone! This is the first Dreamworks movie with a colored protagonist and I think that is really cool as well. Gratuity “Tip” Tucci, voiced by singer Rihanna, with her sidekick cat Pig is on a search for her mother. With the invasion of the Boov, a purple alien species, all humans have been relocated to big camps. Because Tip was hiding underneath her cat she was not detected but her mom was sucked into the Boov vacuums and transported halfway across the world. Oh is not like the other Boov. When he meets Tip an unlikely bond forms and together they go on an adventure to find Mimom.

This movie is truly a joy to watch. Rihanna is good voice actor but in my opinion the true star of this movie is Oh the Boov voiced by Jim Parsons (who plays the role of Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory). The Boov speak English but know nothing of grammar and this leads to some hilarious sentences! Especially for children this will be a huge element of entertainment, but I did laugh aloud a couple of times too. What I like about Home is that it really is an adventure movie, it never gets boring and it has tons of cool scenes. The message of Home is also really beautiful especially considering the main audience. If you have never watched an animation movie before I urge you to watch this one. It has aliens and cats. What more do I need to tell you?? It’ll be worth your time!

Have you seen any of these? Are you planning on watching them? Let us know!


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