MAC Blushes


I remember buying my first MAC blush and the thrill I felt when browsing through all the beautiful colors. Since then I have bought some more blushes. The quality is excellent and the colors are pretty. So far I only have 4 blushes, but I hope to get my hands on some more in the future. Today I will show you the lovely one’s I already own. Prepare yourself for lots of pictures!

imageAren’t they pretty? Together with my one Benefit Blush I have these out on my desk in a pretty bowl because they are just really nice to look at. I love the variation of color I now own but I would love to add a pretty reddish pink and a more muted orange.


imageSpringsheen is a pinky-coral shimmer blush and you can tell! It has very fine gold specks and it is really pretty on. I find this one leans more towards coral than pink. I wear this one most often as I feel that it is the most muted color of the one’s I own. Springsheen is part the normal range and it still available.

mac blush supernova mac blush supernova mac blushes supernovaSupernova really scared me at first! I got this lovely limited edition blush from my boyfriend as a suprise gift while on holiday in Prague. It was part of the 2012 Heavenly Creatures Collection and I am really happy that I have it in my possession. Especially with MAC LE collections you just know that you’ll never have the chance to buy them once they are sold out unless you are willing to sell your grandmother to be able to buy it on eBay. Supernova looks a lot scarier than it actually is although its application is somewhat tricky. As it is a mineralize blush you can easily overdo it with this one. When swirled together this is a beautiful golden pink!

mac blush stubborn mac blush stubborn mac blush stubborn I love Stubborn as a winter color. The berry tones of this one just remind me a lot of candles and dark winter nights. Oh, and cranberries! It is not entirely a cranberry color as it is much too pink but nonetheless I think that this is not really a summer color. Although I think that on tan skin, or darker skintones in general, this would be a beauty! Stubborn is a Pro Longwear Blush and part of the normal range!

mac blush dollymix mac blush dollymix imageLastly I have Dollymix, a more girlish pink. It really looks like Barbie in the pan! Due to its sheer brightness I have worn this less than I should have especially considering the price.. I still love it though!  Like Springsheen this one also has a shimmer but in this one the shimmer is silver rather than gold. I think that this makes it more unique as most shimmers are gold!

mac blushes jemssparklesHere I swatched all of them in order of appearance. As you can see they are very different to one another when applied to the skin. Therefore I am really quite happy with my collection as is because none of the colors look alike. This is not to say that I don’t need more! As I said before I could use a color or three (or four or twenty) more :). I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Which MAC blush would you recommend to me?





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