You Can Choose Your Thoughts

by Mary-Sue

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From darkness into the light

This is a message for all of you out there who are feeling a little bit blue and want to do something about it. That last part is very important; you crave a change in life and want to make an effort to do so. The quite simple solution takes hard work: change your thoughts.

“All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

If you believe you are a worthless person, how will you feel? Sad, hopeless, downhearted? If you feel bad, how will you behave? Timid, reticent, insecure? How will the outer world react to you when you bury your personality and only show a blank face? Probably standoffish. In return you will take this as a confirmation of the aforementioned thoughts of being worthless.

Thoughts -> Feelings -> Behavior -> Response from the world -> Reinforces thoughts.

Thoughts are a powerful tool that you should use to your advantage, not your disadvantage. Be aware that you are the one in charge of your thoughts! You choose to think a certain way, and you can choose to think differently.

It might sound impossible to alter your thoughts because to you, your thoughts are the truth. You learned to view yourself in a certain light, through life experiences and by things people you value, told you. But thoughts are never a universal truth, they are always an opinion. Moreover, there can be a million different thoughts about one and the same subject. So choose a thought that is decent and fitting (and positive). This is easier said than done, but so worth it!

Start with monitoring your thoughs throughout the day. Be mindful to what you are thinking at every moment. You will be surprised how much negativity is going on in your own head. Stop that negativity and replace it with love. It is also important that you actually believe the replaced thought. If your belief is that you are “ugly,” simply saying to yourself “I am beautiful” is not going to work if you don’t mean it. Everyone has some beautiful features, focus on them and give yourself a credible compliment.

By choosing the thoughts you think, you can create a nice environment for yourself to live in. The only environment you will ALWAYS and FOREVER live in, is your own mind. So you better make it a positive, encouraging place.

Do note that this “being aware of what you are thinking, and altering it into a more fitting idea” is hard work. It requires consistent changing of your mindset. In the beginning it will be difficult and at times even weary, but think about the story of the two wolves. Once upon a time there were two wolves: one was hatred and one was love. They get into a huge fight. Which one will win? The one you feed.

Mind over matter people: think happy thoughts!


One thought on “You Can Choose Your Thoughts

  1. […] Whenever I am in need of  some encouragement to uplift my mood, I turn to music. Especially India Arie’s music has a positive, inspirational power. She sings about life’s struggles that everyone goes through and gives new ways to look at them. Her lyrics are honest, genuine and heartfelt, and resonate with me throughout my whole being. I think the overall message of her music is that you can choose happiness. “Paradise is in your mind.” I’ve written an extinsive blogpost about mindfulness, that goes a bit further into detail about how you can choose happiness by choosing your thoughts. To read it click HERE. […]


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