Youtube Recommends: Music

by Mary-Sue

The amount of time I spend watching Youtube videos is clinically concerning. I am subscribed to at least 30 different content creators whose video’s I loyally watch each week.

Over the years I have stumbled upon so many awesome, touching and funny films that I wanted to start a new segment on this blog called “Youtube Recommends” where I will share some of my favorite clips. Today’s topic is “Music” and I have four different videos that made my eyes water.

I don’t really get Goosebumps from singers. Instead when someone hits a high note or does some kind of vocal acrobatics, my eyes instantly get teary. It’s like I just inhaled a bucket full of turpentine.

I hope you find these artists as amazing as I do, and go show them some love!

Chandelier – Twisted Measures
An a cappella version of Sia’s hit song by talented students. Teary-eyed moment at: 3:10

Morgan James – Call My Name
Modest beginning, ending explosively.
Teary-eyed moment at: 2:15

Lake Street Dive –What I’m doing here
I couldn’t believe my ears when she first started singing. Her tone of voice is nothing like I’ve ever heard before. Moreover, she has an admirable control over it. Lake Street Dive deserves so much more credit! Teary-eyed moment at: 0:13

Lion King on the Subway
I’m a sucker for Disney, a cappella, and flashmobs. This is everything I love combined. It’s therefore no surprise that my teary-eyed moment started at 0:22 and lasted all the way to the end.

Please let me know what music-related youtube artist you think I should check out!


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