Hidden Jems – July 2015

by Jirrine and Mary-Sue

Hidden Jems will be a monthly recurring blogpost. Here we introduce you to products, ideas, vacation destinations, everything we think deserves some love. Somethings might be affordable, other things not so much. See it as inspiration and enjoy!


hidden 2 - stilla liquid lips

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks Summer Shades – $24 (www.stilacosmetics.com)

I might not be the biggest fan of summer, I do very much like bright summer colors on my lips! I have never tried this but for the colors alone I would buy these! Look at the gorgeous middle color called Bella or the most right color Amalfi. Amalfi, le sigh! The perfect name for something summery. The golden caps give them a really chick look. Definitely something I would like to carry around in my purse. The other three in the summer range are called Rosa, Como and Venezia. I think I hear Italy calling. It wants me to come over and wear these beautiful shades while wandering the streets of Sienna…

hidden 2 - sisters bracelets hidden jems inspiration3 Sisters Bracelet Set from Frosted Willow (via Etsy) – Ranging from $72 to $99 depending on material. (www.etsy.com/shop/frostedwillow) 

Whenever I browse Pinterest I always see so many cool stuff from Etsy. People on Etsy are truly gifted! The (ten)thousands of crafty people that have a store on Etsy know how to use their talents. For some weird reason though I have never actually bought anything from an etsy seller, apart from a PDF pattern ;)! This might need to change soon because I saw this lovely set of bracelets. I myself have two sisters and this would be perfect for us. Growing up I always felt somewhat distanced from my two younger sisters because they seemed to be much closer. Now that we have all become older I have noticed that our bonds have become stronger. I would love to remind them that I love them and that we belong together! Frosted Willow also makes other beautiful bracelets!

hidden 2 - love tacks hidden jems love inspiration
Image Copyright: The Jones Way

D.I.Y. Love Sign made from Push Pins – Price varies (www.stamps4fun.blogspot.com)

Seems I am sticking with the golden theme here! Inspiration is not only about buying things. I might have a move coming up in the near future and I am busy thinking about what I would like my future home to look like. I would love to do more crafty things to incorporate something of me into my decor. I am, however, not to handy when it comes to making stuff. Luckily, this D.I.Y. love sign is very easy to make! Just how easy you ask? Click the picture to find out from the Jones sisters!


Atlantis Royal Towers, hotel, hidden jems, bahamas
Atlantis Royal Towers

Prepare to be ruined forever. Hotel Atlantis in the Bahamas is my sweetest dream and worst nightmare combined. It’s not so much a hotel as it is a whole world on it’s own. Located on it’s own friggin island, it has everything you will ever need. That is, if you are a gazillionaire because you’d be a fool to think you average Joe can afford anything there. And no, having paid for your stay doesn’t include the activities offered, those are unfortunately not complimentary.

Let’s start with the iconic Royal Towers where your stay averages between 200-400$ per night. Pricy, but you do get a luxurious house with 22-karat golden chandeliers.

The biggest vacation stress is where you will get your food. There is nothing as annoying as dining in the same four-star restaurant day after day. Luckily, Atlantis has 40 different restaurants and bars to choose from.

Leap of faith, slide, atlantis
Leap of faith

You came to the Bahamas to have some water adventure, and you will not be disappointed. The water park has 11 different pools a variety of river rides and slides that make you want to check with your doctor if you’re heart will hold. The “Leap of Faith” slide is a 60 feet (18 meters) almost vertical drop, which at the end goes through a shark tank. Nothing beats a near-death experience than a near-death experience.

If the water park starts to bore you, there are many more activities you can do. Go rock climbing, play tennis or golf, go to a Keith Urban concert or just visit the local shopping mall.

Atlantis is ridiculous. And awesome.

Visit the website for videos of the island and it’s magic at http://www.atlantisbahamas.com


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