July Sparkles

by Jirrine and Mary-Sue

Bye, bye July. Here is another month’s worth of new favorites. Let’s go!


kobo e-readerWhen on holiday I always read a ton. Nothing as relaxing as a good book on the beach, but nothing as annoying as big books taking up all the space in your luggage. An e-reader is the perfect solution! I bought this e-reader from Kobo and am very content with my purchase! It is easy to hold in your hand because it is small and light weight. Moreover,  you can read in the bright sun and at night because it has a backlight you can switch on and off.

hunger games triology booksThe subsequent and associated sparkles are the books I’ve read during my holidays: the entire Hunger Games series. I loved the first book, the second book was good, but the last book didn’t satisfy me. The ending is not the way I expected it to be, so in that regard it’s good, but it’s not the way I wanted it to be. However, I do understand the writer’s choice. Nevertheless, it’s sad y’all. It’s sad. Click HERE to read Jirrine’s review on the books.

traveling pants This traveling pants changed my whole traveling outfit forever. First, it’s clearly very comfortable to fly in because it’s a loose fit. But more importantly, it is the most ideal invention for unstable weather. It was warm enough for rainy Amsterdam and cool enough for heat wave Corfu.

corfu greece holidayMy last sparkle was obviously my whole vacation in Corfu. A blogpost about it will soon follow!


Darn, we are already 7 months into this year. I always like July because the 31st is my bf’s birthday and it is awesome that get to celebrate another year together. This year his birthday was pretty low-key with some friends and family but that really gave us the chance to sit down and chat. Sometimes with big birthdays things tend to stay on the shallow side (which is not necessarily a bad thing!). Apart from his birthday I loved some other things this month. Let’s have a look :).


imageJust like in my June Sparkles I am going to start my favorites with a bag! Each month I just seem to wear one particular bag a whole lot. This past July it has been my white weaved Coach bag which was an absolute steel when I bought it in 2013. I remember this bag being priced at well over $500, which is absolutely ridiculous, but luckily it was on clearance. On that particular day the store also had an extra 25 percent off so I think I bought this back for a little over $200. Still expensive, but so far the bag has been well worth its money. The material, leather I presume, I just really nice and it precisely the right size. I just started a new job this month and is has been really great to bring any stuff I need for work (as long as I don’t need a laptop). The hard wear has barely any wear at all and apart from some dirt on the bottom it still looks fabulous. I hope to use this bag for a long time: I really thin the color and style are classic.

July sparkles - modern family

This month (and the couple of months before) the bf and I have really been into Modern Family. We usually watch television during dinner because we don’t have a dinner table (hopefully that’ll change in the future when we get a bigger house!) and sit-coms are a perfect show to watch. Usually the bf does not really like gory shows while eating so we don’t watch police series (like Bones or NCIS) or Walking Dead. Furthermore we always manage to watch about 1 episode before either of us gets seconds. We watch Modern Family on Netflix and just last Saturday, on August 1st, they released season 5 on our Dutch Netflix. The first 3 episodes have been just as great as the previous 4 seasons! I’ll imagine we fly through the rest of the season in no time!


Ah, moccasins. You either hate’em or love’em. I belong to the lovers but unfortunately my friends don’t really agree. This does not, however, deter me from wearing them! I have two pair of Minnetonka moccasins and they are my favorite (and only) flats I wear. I have really difficult feet when it comes to flats. The heels are really delicate and just minor friction leads to blisters. Not problem with these baby’s though. They are so comfortable to wear, even in the warmer months were feet tend to be a little bit more sweaty. I really like this particular pair because they detailing on the front is really vibrant. I will definitely be purchasing more pairs in the future!

imageThis blush is absolutely gorgeous. Since the sun has pretty much left us hanging up until today I have not yet acquired my normal summer tan. This apricot/peachy color is the perfect blush for me right now! I have basically been wearing this non-stop the last month. I have some many blush but many have not seen the light of day for months. I have been slowly deciding what to pack for my upcoming holiday and this well certainly be included. I have more shades from this brand Catrice and they are all really easy to work with. They do really need some sort of primer because they have a tendency to fade but they just give a really nice natural look!

july sparkles - pretty neat living

Lastely I have a favorite person/pastime. I love browsing Youtube. Over the years I found some great content there and that has always immensely inspired me. One of the Youtuber’s I have been following for some years now is Jen Ross (previously knows are Organized Like Jen) who has just rebranded herself into Pretty Neat Living. I have been catching up on her vlogs and blog posts the last couple of weeks and I really enjoy all of her video’s. She has many character traits that I really admire as she is loving and caring for her friends and family. I also really like her dedication, both to what she does on Youtube (she has gotten a lot of nasty comments of the years but has never changed her personality!) and what she stands for. Lastly I really like her organized manner. I can be quite chaotic but since implementing some of the things she uses to stay organized I have managed to get things a little bit more under control. Furthermore it is nice to see someone that is a little bit older than early twenties on Youtube. This really shows that the Youtube as a platform is really for everybody!


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