Review: Four Bathtime Stories Soap Bars

by Mary-Sue

bathtime stories, surf's up, glitter & glamour, crazy in love, tree hugger
Bathtime Stories

Well hello, colorful soap bars sitting there on my sister’s beauty display. Let me have a closer look, let me have swift sniff. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Recently my sister purchased these four BATHTIME STORIES soap bars at a Dutch store called Etos.

They are a bit on the pricy side for €4,95 per piece (100 grams a piece). However, my sister wouldn’t be my sister if she didn’t get them for a fair price on sale. So Dutchies, keep an eye out for special offers! (Unfortunately for the non-Dutch residents, I couldn’t find on online store that sells these…)

Every bar has it’s name and type of fragrance on the front and a fitting quote and the ingredients on the back. I don’t know a whole lot about the ingredients listed there, so for those interested let the incredibly sharp picture below – sorry – inform you.

bathtime stories ingredients
Bathtime stories soap bar surf's up
Surf’s Up Soap Bar

Catch a wave and rebalance! Don’t think too much, just freshen up and the water will flush away your worries. The scent is “Australian Lime” and has a nice fresh smell.

Bathtime stories soap bar crazy in love
Crazy In Love Soap Bar

Breathe it all in, love it all out! The sweet scent of raspberries will fill your head with butterflies. The scent is “California Raspberry.” If you like sweet smells that are not too overpowering, this is your go-to bar!

Bathtime stories soap bar Tree Hugger
Tree Hugger Soap Bar

Inhale the future, exhale the past. The rich fruity scent of Japanses melon helps to relax and wash both body & spirit clean! This is my FAVORITE. Apparently Japanese melon gets to me like no other. Fruity and sweet.

Bathtime stories soap bar Tree Hugger
Glitter & Glamour Soap Bar

Twinkle, twinkle pretty superstar! Enjoy a sparkling bath with fruity scents. Let this be your minute of foam! The Wild Cherry scent is sweet and a bit stronger than the Crazy in Love one.

Bathtime stories soap bar Tree Hugger, Crazy in Love, Surf's Up, Glitter & Glamour

All in all, the bars look beautiful, the text on the back is cute, and two out of these four scents I’d buy for myself (Surf’s Up and Tree Hugger are my favs). So do you own any of these? What is your favorite soap bar?


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