Wolvenstraat 23 – Amsterdam


by Jirrine

Amsterdam and food. On the one hand you’ll find places to eat every 50 metres, on the other hand the really good places are often hidden a litte. When it comes to Amsterdam and good food I am a total novice. In areas around the station and the Kalverstraat there are lot of pizzaplaces, fastfoodjoints and bakeries but it is much harder to find the one of kind places. Things get much easier when you walk away from that area to for example the famous 9 Straatjes. I have been in the 9 Straatjes a couple of times with my Aunt. She has been living in Amsterdam for as long as I can remember and she really knows the ins and outs. She definitely has a knack for the road less travelled!

A few weeks ago I was there with my boyfriend after visiting the AC Syndicate tour (read my review here). We were hungry and pining for good food. When I am hungry I can be really picky about what I want to eat (which is weird considering I am hungry..) so it took quite some time until I saw something that sparked my interest. The apptly named Wolvenstraat 23, located (you guessed it!) at the Wolvenstraat 23 between the Keizersgracht and the Herengracht. It does not have its name on the window/front. The only thing that really gave away the presence of food was the menu next to the door. The tables outside were empty when we went in so it was really a hidden jem 😉 !


Wolvenstraat 23 changed up their decor in October 2014 (oh Facebook, the source of all such knowledge) and I really like their laidback vibe. The furniture is quirky and fun. There was a lot of artwork on the walls and the bathroom sink was stunning! So if you eat there, also visit the bathroom! I really liked the menu. I felt they had a really unique menu. I ordered a sandwich with goatcheese, pears and walnuts. I love all of those individually and now I know I like them together as well! Altough the goatcheese had me stuffed to the brim after half a sandwich it was so good that I finished it all.

imageMeanwhile I was eyeing the amazingly delicious looking salad my boyfriend ordered. It was a beef salad with cashews and all kinds of other green goodness. I definitely stole some of that while he wasn’t looking! There was so much more I wanted to try but I did not have enough appetite to eat any more! We will certainly go back to have dinner there sometime! I really liked the atmosphere and I think it will be great to have dinner there with friends. The rotan chairs, the cool plates and the tropical print wallpaper: everything is just right!


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