Photographs of Corfu

by Mary-Sue

One of my hobbies is taking photographs. I love the deception of it. In a photo you only show one viewpoint, one angle. And you, the girl behind the camera, get to choose what you show.

You might see a sunset beach, an abandoned house or a sunny tower, which on it’s own is beautiful. However, you do not get the whole picture. You do no know what is going on at the left or right side of that image. You just get a piece of reality.

When on holiday I love exploring the new environment I’m in. During my vacation in Corfu I shot the images below and wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Sinking ship corfu greece
Sinking ship

Abandoned House corfu greece
Abandoned House
A pier has-been corfu greece
A pier has-been
Sunny bell tower corfu greece
Sunny Bell Tower
A moored ship corfu greece
A moored ship

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