White at Home: Six Cute Interior Items

by Mary-Sue

My mother is an interior design graduate and it’s therefore no wonder that my parents’ home decor changes a few hundred times per year. My mom goes through phases, with the most recent being: all-white items or colorfully warm red toned pieces. This blog post will entail the first kind and next week the second category will be shown.

As my mom also has her own mosaic and glass fusion company called Cowdí (website will soon be up), lots of the centerpieces are DIYed. I hope this blog post inspires you to change (or make) your own décor. If you do, please let me know in the comments below!  vase and luminous flowers

vase and luminous flowersVase and luminous flowers are cute by daylight and cozy at nighttime.

owl see hear speak decorMainstream owl trend combined with mainstream “See Hear Speak” make for nice eye catchers. flower statues home decorFlower statues 2015-08-10 09.47.52Sheepskin with pillows thrown over a sofa.

 DIYed Items: lantern and diy stand home decorLantern with DIYed stand made of stones and shells. (Little side note: the table on which the stands stand is also mosaiced by my mom!) 2015-08-10 09.52.44 2015-08-10 09.53.13Mosaic bowl

 How do you decorate your home? What colorscheme do you prefer?


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