My Skincare Routine – Summer 2015


by Jirrine

Skincare is one the most important things that I tend to forget. I am usually very late in the morning or very eager to go to bed at night. Unfortunately I often forget to take care of my skin while actively keeping it clean and healthy does wonders. Since a couple of weeks I have been trying a new skincare line and for some reason I have been much more consistent about removing my make-up and cleaning my face. I can really notice a difference! The skincare line I have been trying is HEMA’s It’s My Beautiful Skin Day – line. HEMA is local Dutch store, but also has some stores in France, Belgium, England, Germany, Spain & Luxemburg. HEMA is really part of our local culture and you’ll find the store in almost any city and town. The last years HEMA has been trying to branch out. Their stores have been carrying skincare for a long time but the packaging never really appealed to me. Until I found the It’s My Beautiful Skin Day – line. I went home with a full range to try!

I really like the packaging for this line: it is clean and the writing is very clear. It just looks nice all together on the windowsill in the bathroom! They have tons of products and variation. I opted for a potted day cream and tube night cream but they have them vice versa as well. Up to you what you prefer! One aspect of the line that really surprised me was the price: I bought these 7 products for less than €19! That is an absolute steal in my opinion! Usually the quality of bargain products is not really up to par with that of more expensive skincare but the HEMA line pleasantly surprised me.

Cleansing Milk


The Cleansing Milk is exactly the right consistency: not too runny and not too thick. I use the milk to remove my (non-waterproof) mascara and face make-up. I use about the size of a nickel and that is more than enough to remove most of the make-up. The product does not smell and it very gentle. Sometimes I am a little clumsy and the few times that I managed to get this in my eyes it did not hurt (although it was super pleasant..). The packaging is really convenient. It has a big ass cap so no chance of losing that one!
Cleansing Milk for Normal/Combination Skin 250ml – €2

Cleansing Tonic

imageYes, this stuff is actually Smurf Blue. It is not just the packaging. I have no idea what the added benefit of blue toner is but it looks pretty cool, right? This stuff is pretty basic: I use it to clean the rest of the gunk of my face one my make-up is gone. Judging by the amount that still comes off my face the tones does a good job. It haven’t really noticed a mattifying effect. I would rather say that I made my face a little bit more shiny. A couple of times I have used this on its own (without the milk) to remove make-up. It works but you’ll really get a much cleaner face when you combine the two.
Cleansing Tonic for Normal/Combination Skin 250ml – €2

Cleansing Mousse 

imageMore smurf blue here! Despite the somewhat scary color this is a good product. I love any mousse type skincare, whether is showergel, facecare or handsoap. Downside of mousse products is that you’ll go through quicker than you can make apple pie. Lucky for me this product is cheap, so replacing will not really hurt my wallet. Two pumps are more than enough for my entire face. This mousse is really soft and as opposed to some other facewashes I’ve used this does not make my skin feel tight.
Cleansing Mousse for All Skin Types 150ml – €3

Scrub Cream

imageThis scrub is one of the best facescrubs I have ever tried. I find that most scrubs are not coarse enough and that they don’t actually do anything. This scrub cream has really nice large scrub particles! I do have to be careful that I am not too harsh because of the coarseness. I therefore only use this one to twice a week in combination with the cleansing mousse. After the scrub my skin feels babysoft! You can compare the scrubbiness of this product to Lush Ocean Salt (although Ocean Salt is not meant to be put on your face). If you were to try just one product I would highly recommend this one if you have been looking for a serious scrub.
Scrub Cream for All Skin Types 75ml – €3


imageOut of all the products this is the one I use the most. The serum has added vitamins C and E. The serum is just really light and gives exactly the right moisture. I used this both day and night before I put on my cream. I must say that I have not really noticed that much of a difference but I just like to use it. No harm in trying right? This was the most expensive products from the line, priced at €4. Definitely one of the cheapest serums I have ever seen. In combination with the other products it does its job. Again, this packaging is simple, clean and extremely handy. One pump gives you serum the size of a pea. Two pumps are enough for your entire face.

Serum for All Skintypes 30ML- €4

Day Cream

imageAs with the other products in this line I really like the packaging of the Day Cream. The pot it comes in is light but really sturdy. Glass containers are fancy and all but they easily break. Also there are no annoying ridges for cream to pile up in. I’ll be able to use every single drop (?) of this. I plan to! This cream is extremely hydrating. It feels amazing on my skin! The consistency is very nice, fluffy like putting a cloud on my face. My skin just drinks this up. I use this over the serum and even then it sinks right into the skin. Also it has SPF 10! Not a lot of drugstore/house brands have creams with SPF. As long as I use this I don’t have to worry about adding sunscreen anymore.
Day Cream for Normal/Combination Skin with SPF 10 50ml – €3

Night Cream


Last but not least we have the Night Cream. I use this less that I would like to. Especially in the evening I tend to skip some steps because I just want to go to bed. Removing my make-up and putting on some serum is enough. I also feel that the night cream is really not that special, I much prefer the day cream because of its hydration. I will use this because I don’t want to waste the product but next time I’ll try the potted version to see if I like it any better.
Night Cream for Normal/Combination Skin 75ml – €2

I did not buy every single product so if these are not your preferred types of product you can still check it out. Other products in the line include:
facemasks (all skintypes & normal/combination skin)
products for dry/sensitive skin (toner/cleansing milk/daycream)
potted nightcream
cleansing wipes

Many products are also for sale on


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