Groningen… Oh Groningen

by Mary-Sue

After five years of my student life in Groningen city, I am now officially moving on to a more mature lifestyle. That is, I resume my studies with a master’s in Amsterdam and confine the amount of going out to once (deliberately left blank here). Groningen, I want to thank you for everything you’ve given me: new friendships, new experiences, and a new outlook of life. I deemed it appropriate that I close this chapter of my life with a blog post on some of my favorite memories in the student-driven-town.

Groningen is the city…

Groningen Streets
Groningen Streets

…where there are no cars allowed in the city center. Which you think will make for easier traffic, but don’t underestimate (foreign) students on bikes.

Groningen Streets
Groningen Streets

…where there are so many one-way streets, you find yourself either circling around the city center for at least twenty laps or cussing furiously because your car has never been in the reverse gear this much.

Groningen Market: Vismarkt
Groningen Market: de Vismarkt

… where the market place took your last euros, and you still had 5 days of month left. Gotta love those extravagant plain-rice-with-ketchup-dinner-nights.

Groningen Canals
Groningen Canals

…where the canals are beautiful and abundant. Little bonus is that ‘…but the bridge was open” is now a legit argument when you’re late for class.

Groningen Houseboat
Groningen Houseboat

…where you have the opportunity to rent a houseboat instead of a room. Epic parties my man, epic parties.

Groningen Going Out
Groningen Going Out

…where you can go out literally any night of the week, until literally any hour. Six am? Yup there is still a bar open somewhere! #breakfastwithbeer

Groningen Martini Tower
Groningen Martini Tower

…the lovely Martini Tower will tell you what time it is, every half hour or so. Christmas gets really exciting when the fifth round of ‘Jingle Bells’ is played and you

Groningen Mr. Mofongo's food
Mr. Mofongo’s

…where ‘studying with friends’ at the UB, means ending up at Mr. Mofongo, sipping your third coffee, gossiping over a teacher’s Basic Instinct moment. #yeahthathappened

Groningen Grote Markt
The Grote Markt by day

…where you’re two weeks in, you just met your study mates, decide to go out together, and end up sitting at the cobblestones of the Grote Markt at 3 am playing round after round of “Never Have I Ever.’ Or was that just me?


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