Sneekweek: Sail All-Day, Party All-Night

Fireworks, sneekweek, sail

by Mary-Sue

Ever since I was 13 years old, I’ve been going to the “Sneekweek.” Sneek is a little city in the north of The Netherlands where once a year the biggest sailing event of the European inland waterways is held. However, to most teenagers and young-adults it is known as one week of non-stop partying.

This last description applies to my experience of the Sneekweek. My entire teenage years I’ve camped with a friend on, first a family camp ground, and later on the special “youth camp ground.” You abide by the typical festival way of life: partying all-night, sleeping all-day. Eat and shower somewhere in between, if you can.

My father’s and brother’s experience is slightly different from mine, for the fact that they actually do sail. My father and a friend compete in an Efsix, and my brother and a friend in a Sailhorse. Over the years they have become quite good and my dad even finished in second place this year (day prize, not overall score though)!

Every Sneekweek begins with a special opening parade through the canals. Two or three boats of every class sail through city center, along with orchestra boats to enhance the festive atmosphere. Recently, flyboarding has become a thing and they’re also represented in the show. It is really fun to watch and becomes a bit enchanting when the fireworks go off at the end.

Sneekweek, snitswike, party festival sail, sailing
Waiting in the canals for the parade to start
Boat with an orchestra, sneekweek, sailing
Boat with an orchestra
Sailboat Parade, sneekweek, sailing
Sailboat Parade
Sailboats and Fireworks, Sneekweek, sailing
Sailboats and Fireworks
Flyboarding, sneekweek, sail
Flyboarding, sneekweek, sail
Fireworks, sneekweek, sail

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