Indonesia Beauty Haul

indonesia beauty haul 6

by Jirrine

Of course I couldn’t leave Indonesia without some beauty stuff to try. There were some brands that I recognized such as Maybelline and L’Oreal but they sell very different products in Asia. What struck me is that most Indonesian products are whitening and brightening. I did know that white skin is valued in some Asian countries but I had no clue that there were so many special products for the purpose. Quite different from my ambitions each summer: I always want to have a tan! Despite all the whitening products I did find some things I am very eager to try.

indonesia beauty haul 1

There were a lot of facemasks and if I could I would have bought them all.. Instead I went with two different brands: on the left three masks from Vienna with Crushed Bengkoang (I have no idea what that is..), Strawberry and Goat Milk. Three very different masks! The two on the left are from Beauty Mask and both are sheet masks. I have never tried these before but I heard they are very popular. They seem quite big and I have no idea what to expect.

indonesia beauty haul 2Sorry for the darkness of this picture. It seems that the sun was just hiding behind a cloud when I snapped this! On the left is a body scrub with three amazing ingredients: olives, coconut and pomegranate. I love anything pomegranate scented so I am so excited to smell this (no I haven’t opened it yet, but even if I did I wouldn’t be able to smell it because I have a very stubborn cold..). In the past I have tried products from Original Source before; I first became familiar with this brand when I was in the UK. I expected it to be quite expensive as it appears to be a UK brand as well but it was reasonably priced (I think about €2.) I bought the cranberry scent. On the left are two mask packs from Bali Alus Traditional Spa. Although I did not visit Bali while on my holiday there were lots of Balinese products. These are sachets with powder than can be combined with water to make a face and/or body mask. It seems to be a lot of product so I hope it’ll last me quite some time!

indonesia beauty haul 3

Marina was also a new brand to me but what convinced me to buy it was the smell: pomegranate! I have more than enough body lotion for several years but there was no willpower. Lux, however, is a brand I am familiar with as it is also sold in the Netherlands. The company does not quite sell as many scents as in Indonesia which is a shame because these smell amazing! There is nothing really special about these soaps apart from the smell but I just seem to have a thing for soap, judging by the 15 soaps I bought in France last summer, of which I have used exactly zero.

indonesia beauty haul 4

Citra had lots of different products, especially body care. I am particularly happy with the little sizes they sold as this gives me the opportunity to buy and try lots of scents without committing to giant bottles. From the skin care range I bought a facial foam with pink orchid. This product is also advertised as whitening product so I did not want the buy a lot of this range. The soap is also with orchid.

indonesia beauty haul 5

Lastly I bought some things from a brand called Mustika Ratu (which according to Google Translate means Mustika Queen, and my bf translated to Beauty Queen. Can anyone that speaks Bahasa Indonesia confirm this?). My sister-in-law has really shiny hair and my mother-in-law told me that she used to wash her hair with this Rice shampoo when she was little. I don’t know if I will get glossy hair right away, but there is no harm in trying right? I bought two body care products: a lily & honey body scrub and a lotion. I have no idea what I smells like but it has a flower on the front so I think it is a pretty safe bet that it has flowers in it 😉 . The other three products are skin care: jasmine toner and cleansing milk, and rosewater. I plan to use the rosewater with the powder mask.

All in all beauty shopping in Indonesia is pretty awesome: I bought all these items for less than €25. There were still many more things I wanted to try but unfortunately I didn’t have unlimited space in my suitcase. I am very excited to try these, hopefully soon as new products always seem to end up in the back of my closet for some weird reason.


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