Hangover Pancakes

Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,

by Mary-Sue

In 2010 I studied in San Francisco and every Friday we would go to the mall to grab some celebratory-school-is-out lunch. My go-to food was always the same: “Crepe Royal” with nutella, banana, strawberries and whipped cream on top. (Little did I know that the French word “Crêpe” is not pronounced the same way in the English language. Meaning, for three months straight I ordered a “Crap Royal” every week. Awesome.)

Aaaaaanywho. Ever since I’m back in The Netherlands, I’ve been eating Royal Craps as hangover food after going out and they taste ah-maze-balls. I’ve tricked myself into thinking it’s not that unhealth, since it has strawberries and bananas so I don’t feel too bad after I’ve devoured three portions. If you are concerned with your health, then I’m sure there are substitutes for the cowmilk and whipped cream (for instance almold milk and low-fat whipped cream).

I hope you like this recipe and if you decide to make these, please let me know what you thought :).

Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,
For the batter: 400 ml milk, 1 egg, HALF* of the pancake mix

* Half of this particular pancake mix because this will be enough for three servings for two people.

Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,
As topping: whipped cream, nutella, strawberries and banana
Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,
Mix the ingredients for the batter together
Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,
Cut your strawberries and banana
Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,
Spread the nutella, banana and strawberries on 1/3 of the pancake
Hangover Pancakes, Crepe Royal,
Top it with whipped cream. Et voila: a Royal Crap.

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