Why I sleep better


by Jirrine

Today I just feel like talking for a little bit. Everything on you see on Jems are things we personally enjoy but obviously we are a lot more than the stuff we like! Over the last couple of years I have really struggled with getting enough sleep and having a good bio-rhythm. Although I have tried to go to bed earlier and sleep longer, this was not really the solution I was looking for. Since a couple of months I have an actual grown-up job (which basically means a 9 – 5 desk job) which has forced me to make some changes in my daily life. Here are some of the things that have worked for me to get better sleep and feel more rested throughout the day:

  • Although I used to be the queen of snoozing (I hit the snoozing button 4/5 times before getting out of bed) I now minimize the snoozing to one if at all. Usually your yessterday self knows how much time you’ll need in the morning and although today’s self doesn’t always agree it is best to just get out of bed! Those extra 5 – 10 minutes can prove to be extra useful if I have one of those mornings where I cannot find my shoes right away.
  • Go to bed earlier. This might sound as a no-brainer it took me a very long time to get this. I love my free time and when I just started working 5 days a week I saw my spare time evaporating before my eyes. At first my instinct was to stay awake longer to have more spare time. Needless to say the next day I had trouble getting out of bed and the rest of the day I felt more tired. Now I have made habit of going to bed around 11 if I have to work the next day. Even in the weekends I now wake naturally at 6.30. Ofcourse I then stay in bed a little longer but it is nice to know that I really don’t need my alarmclock anymore.
  • Limit your screentime while laying in bed. I usually spend a couple of hours each evening in bed anyway as I surf on the internet or read a book. After I turn of the light I used to spend up to an hour browsing Instagram, Pinterest & Reddit. Needless to say your brain gets information overload just before I needs to turn off for the night. Now I still spend some time on my phone but no more than 5 t0 10 minutes. This satisfies my need but is short enough for not overstimulating me.

These tricks have helped me tremendously. I rarely have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Usually I wake up before my alarmclock anyway, which is convient for my boyfriend who leaves for work later. In the evening I used to toss and turn but I now sleep within 5 minutes. I also need much less sleep as I sleep deeper. About 7 – 8 hours is more than enough. This might sound incredible dull to you but I have much more energy to do fun things. So I still go to bed later after dinner with friends or a musical with my family. Regardless, the next day I wake rested!


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