Friendship: What It Is And What It Isn’t

Let's Talk About Friendship
Sit Down and Let’s Talk About Friendship

by Mary-Sue

My friends are very dear to me and I value every single one of them. I don’t have a certain ‘type’ of friend and therefore all my friends have very different, unique personalities. There are a lot of funny blogposts with lists describing what a friendship should entail such as “you can be utter weirdos in public” or “you send each other very – VERY – ugly selfies via Snapchat.” However, I recently come to the realization that a good friendship is – on top of all the fun and games – characterized by the following two things.

It is easy to feel for someone else’s hardships. That, you can do even for strangers, because you don’t wish it on anyone to get cancer or financial struggles or live a depressed live. What is however more difficult and therefore more praiseworthy and in my eyes really characterizes a good friendship is being happy for your friend’s accomplishments. Whether they’re offered a good job, got married or are just feeling really secure in themselves, what makes them happy should make you happy for them.

This however, is not to say that you should always just agree with whatever the other person is doing. You are allowed to speak your mind, especially when you think your friend is involved in some business that doesn’t serve his or her happiness. If ANYONE is allowed to say something and question their behavior, it is you. You are their friend, you know this person, you want what is the best for them. Friends don’t confront each other to bully, they confront because they care.

Heavy stuff? Maybe a little. But it’s the truth y’all. And the truth will set you free. What do you appreciate in a friend?


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