4 ways to wind down this weekend


by Jirrine

It’s the weekend! Time to wind down after a hard week of working or school. Here’s how you do it:
4 ways to wind down - 1
1. To watch:
Unforgettable features Carrie Wells, a detective with a condition called hyperthymesia that has sentenced her to a lifetime of not forgeting. Hyperthymesia is a condition where someone never forgets anything, and in Carrie’s case she can even rewind and replay certain memories in her head. Even if something was not the focus of her memory she will still be able to recall very specific details. Together with detective Al Burns she used her condition to solve crimes in New York.

2. To read:
I am a big fan of Bill Bryson! I like reading non-fiction but I love it when Bill Bryson wrote the book. His book At Home is about the history of things in the home. Each chapter features a room in the his house and the objects in the rooms will tell the tale of time. Through the exploration of the objects we now deem insignificant Bill Bryson will teach you a thing or two! The fun acedotes and the enligthening stories will definitely keep your busy.

3. To listen:
You might have seen Tori Kelly’s Unbreakable Smile here before but now her entire album is out! Her album is upbeat but definitely tells a personal story. Personal favorites are Unbreakable Smile, Should’ve Been Us and Dear No One. Play this while doing some of those chores you still want to do and you’ll see that they are not quite that bad.

4. To see:
The one specific reason for wanting to see this movie is Michiel Huisman, a Dutch actor that is a rising star in Hollywood (you might also have seen him in Game of Thrones!). But this movie is so much more: it is an enchanting tale about the beautiful Adeline, who has distanced herself from those surrounding her. Sit down, grab a good glass of wine and enjoy the magic of the Age of Adeline.


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