Take That Break

cup of tea, take a break, jems sparkles

by Mary-Sue

I am always busy. Let me rephrase that, I always keep myself busy. A while ago I realized that the way I was living had to change, because it was not serving me well. From the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep, I was always doing something. There was never a gap in my day to think things and evaluate how I was doing. Let me sketch an average day for:

Wake up. Have breakfast in front of my computer while browsing Facebook and Youtube. Do the dishes. Study behind my computer. Go to class. Have coffee with a friend. Get back home. Sit behind my computer and study. Have dinner in front of the TV. Go sporting with a friend. Get back home. “Chill” behind the computer. Go to bed and derp on my phone until I fall asleep.

Just typing this now makes me feel claustrophobic. You might think that the ‘coffee and sporting with a friend’ and ‘watching TV’ aren’t so bad. You’re right in the sense that they are fun things you choose to do. However, there was never a ‘ me and my thoughts time’ in my daily schedule. At the end of the day my head would feel overwhelmed, screaming “information overload.” So much stimuli and no time to really process it.

So one day I decided to have a nice cup of steaming hot tea on my balcony while enjoying the fresh air and rays of sunshine – without my phone or computer or company. At first I was afraid of the boredom of not having anything to do, but surprisingly I didn’t get bored at all. I went over things I learned that day, I would feel awakened with new ideas and plans for the future and I focused on the positive things in my life.

Then and there I decided that each day, once a day, somewhere in the day, I will take a short break – doesn’t matter for how long – and drink my tea and not do anything else. Me myself and I. And I’ve been loving it.


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