Three Times Appetizers


by Mary-Sue

When I find myself in a restaurant, I will probably spend half an hour on choosing what to have for dinner. The main courses sound great, but I don’t know whether or not I’m going to like this sophisticated description of a meal. Words such as “sauteed this” or “that with sauvignon blanc” mean shit to me. Moreover, the price tags do not allow for me to take a gamble. If I don’t like the meal, I will have waisted 20 Euros, and still find myself with an empty stomach at the end of the evening. Can’t. Afford. That. Therefore I mostly end up either choosing a well-known main course (such as pizza or pasta) OR I go and order two appetizers, because appetizers are a completely different species.

With appetizers you can’t really go wrong: descriptions are short and clear; what you read is what you get; and you can have two! Two for the price of one, because added up they cost the same amount as one main cours. So if the slight possibility presents itself that one appetizer is not to your liking, you still have the other one. Ideal. Solution.

Well, that’s it for today’s life hack I guess: When you don’t know what to get for the main course, get two appetizers. Below you can find some of my favorite appetizers. Enjoy and let me know whether you also do this, or that it’s just me…

Appetizer, meat, cheese, salmon, fish, meal, dinner
My number one favorite: a little bit of everything
Appetizer, meal, dinner, food, garlic mushrooms
Garlic Mushrooms
Appetizer, meal, dinner, food, moussaka
A bowl of moussaka
Appetizer, meal, dinner, food, chiabatta bread
Chiabatta bread
Appetizer, meal, dinner, food, dips
Party Dips




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