The Joys of a Furry Friend

Fenixby Jirrine

Growing up I was never allowed to have a pet. I never really minded: I did not like the hassle of walking a dog and I did not like cats at all. Then I met my current boyfriend. He came with a companion that I just needed to accept as they were inseparable. His name: Noodles. His species: cat. Noodles and I were not really ready to share. He had enjoyed all the attention for so long and now there was this human invading his space. I did not particularly like Noodles: he always tried to nip my heels when I walked by and he had the tendency to scratch me and then pretend nothing happened. Both of us could not have foreseen that things would ever change. That we would actually like each other.

All of a sudden I was stuck with a cat that did not really seem to like me. Slowly but surely, however, we began to get used to each other. He would never like me as much as he would like the bf, but still we had a bond. He recognized my voice and slowly let me share his spaces. In the mean time I changed too: from being a non-cat person I became a cat-person. I had never imagined that that would happen!

Since Noodles was always really oriented to my bf I wanted in on all the fun. In the first year of our relationship we did not vacation together. While my bf was on a trip to Indonesia I spent countless hours on the internet watching pictures of cute kitties. I spotted one that was so cute that I just couldn’t wait. We emailed everyday while he was away and I convinced him that we needed a companion for Noodles. When I went to see the litter it was love at first sight. He was such a tiny ball of fur! Little Fenix would become a part of our family!

Fenix 1

It was so much fun to see how those two interacted with each other. At first they were hesitant but each moment of affection was so adorable. I made so many pictures of them together! Fenix always gravitated more towards me and we spend so many nights together on the couch or cuddling in bed. Although Fenix is rather big, he is really a scaredy cat so he spends most his time inside. He purrs crazy loud and sometimes has the dumbest expressions but I really love him to bits!

Unfortunately our kitty story has not all been rainbows and sunshine. Shortly after we moved house, we returned from a vacation to find that Noodles had not been home for several days. He would not come home for more than 4 months. Even though he had a chip there were no calls of him being found. Slowly we lost hope of him ever returning. One day in October I got a call: If I was missing a black and white cat. I couldn’t believe it! He had been gone for so long. We had been back to our old house so many times to see if he somehow ran back there. He hadn’t. The dummy had gone in an entirely different direction. He had been fed for months by a woman who worked for a local shelter. Now that winter was coming she finally checked if he had a chip. Luckily he had and he was brought home.

A year later he vanished again. This time his story would not have a happy end. A ringing doorbell at 6 am is never a good sign: a neighbor at the door telling that they had found a dead big black and white cat. The moment my bf spotted his furry friend laying on the cold stones and the wail that escaped his throat still breaks my heart. Just 5 years old. Gone because of a heart defect. It was one of the most difficult moments of my life. People that say that cats (and dogs for that matter) are just animals have never known the joys of having a furry friend. This coming November it is 2 years ago that Noodles passed away. He was cremated and we took his ashes home. Last week I finally found a little box to keep him forever. His final resting place.

Bakso 1

In the meantime Fenix has a new little brother. Some people say it was quick (because we did not mourn enough and replaced Noodles) other say it was the right thing to do, but Bakso joined our family a week after Noodles passed away. He was just what we needed. He is a farm kitty and really confident. He climbed everything, he was so little and cute and made us laugh countless time. He turns two in a couple of weeks but he still has so much swag. Although he is a boy he is still very small.

Fenix 2

Fenix and Noodles joined us a tiny kittens but in the future I would like to adopt an older cat from the shelter. Right now we don’t have the space for three cats but it would be great to give another furball a good home. The older cats always seem to get left behind..  Five years ago I would never having imagined liking cats, let alone have two furry friends. I wouldn’t miss them for the world!

Fenix en Bakso



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