The Nicest Brunch

breakfast, brunch ideas, egg omelet

by Mary-Sue

I have a boyfriend ergo, I have a whole family in law that comes with it. As they do not live around the corner, we visit them only once every few weeks or so. Because we don’t come around very often, my  mother in law likes to go all-out when it comes to cooking. The meats only come from quality butchers and the vegetables are always fresh. Moreover, she makes sure the food is presented neatly and nicely.

Recently, I met up with the in-laws for a brunch and the food was abundant. Three different kinds of cheese, three different kinds of meat, three different kinds of marmalade, four different kinds of bread, salmon salad, crab salad, egg omelet; enough to choose from and too much to fully finish. I just had to take pictures and share it with you guys. I hope to inspire you when you want to make your own brunch. Nom away!

breakfast, brunch ideas, cheese
Very cheesy
breakfast, brunch ideas, meat
breakfast, brunch ideas, egg omelet
Egg omelet with chive and meats
breakfast, brunch ideas, bread jam marmalade
Breads, Salads, Marmalades

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