IKEA Coffee Table Make-Over


by Mary-Sue

My IKEA coffee table from the LACK series has been with me for… almost a decade. Wait, what? Am I calculating that correctly? Wow time flies… and apparently I’m pretty thrifty with my stuff. So thrifty that I didn’t want to get rid of the table eventhough it had scratches, dents and water rings all over. Nope, I wanted to keep it because it still does its job perfectly. Though I also felt that it needed a make-over, because during my moving houses it incurred some pretty rough damage. Looking at the ‘before’ pictures, I now realize this make-over was actually looong overdue.

For some inspiration to “umpf” it up, I started derping online and found a million and one creative D.I.Y.s to spice up all kinds of furniture. Especially for IKEA stuff, there are so many creative “hacks”. I strongly recommend the website “www.ikeahackers.net” for all of you who love interior design. Here you will see basic IKEA furniture “hacked” into sophisticated, chic objects. You can’t even tell anymore that they once belonged to the blue-and-yellow Swedish company. *Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for an acquired addiction to this website* Seriously, nights have been spend on this website.

Anywho, since I’m not the niftiest with hammers, screws, and saws, I opted for self adhesive foils. The only thing you have to is:

  1. Sand down table top
  2. Clean table top with an old damp cloth
  3. Dry table top
  4. Measure self adhesive foils to fit table top
  5. Cut self adhesive foils into the rightly measured lenghts
  6. Apply self adhesive foils to table tops

Step 6 requires patience, patience and patience. It is a bit of a struggle to apply it neatly without any bubbles underneath but you’ll get there. I do have a few crincles but since my adhesive foil has a pattern, it isn’t that visible, so I’m okay with it. Below you will find the before and after pictures. Let me know what you think, and if you’re already addicted to ikeahackers.net.

IKEA coffee table before jems sparkles
Before: all scratched up
IKEA coffee table after jems sparkles
After: faux wood
Adhesive foil crinkles IKEA coffee table
Adhesive foil crinkles

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