IKEA Lamp “Samtid” Make-Over

IKEA Samtid with rips make over

By Mary-Sue

After the IKEA coffee table make-over I still had half a roll of the adhesive foil left and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. The coffee table was namely not the only thing that endured rough damage during my moving houses. My IKEA lamp “Samtid” had a few rips in the lampshade and looked straight up pathetic.

This make-over pretty much speaks for itself: apply adhesive foil to the lampshade and you’re done. However, there are some problems I encountered and instead of doing a blog post on “ooh look how pretty the end result is” I wanted to show you what went on behind the foil. Because to be honest, that part is not pretty and actually badly constructed. Had I known what would happen upfront, I would have been more careful handling the shade. It’s not that I planned the shade to break, so this is just me, making the best of a bad situation and a heads-up for when y’all try this yourselves.

First of all, it is easy to remove the lampshade from its stand by unscrewing the pins. However, disconnecting the lampshade from its circular form, making it straight, takes careful handling. This particular lampshade is very rigid; if you bend it too much it will break. I wasn’t cautious enough and the parts where the shade ‘click’ together to form the circle all broke. As a result I had to staple the shade back together as you can see in the picture below.

IKEA Samtid with staples make over
IKEA Samtid with staples

Secondly, you’ll want to have a little bit of excess foil to cover up the parts where the shade clicks together (or in my case staples together) to cover this part up. However, you’ll want this excess part to be as small as possible because it will show when you turn the light on as you can see on the picture below.

IKEA samtid make-over excess foil
IKEA samtid make-over excess foil

Even though the construction of the stapled shade is like a house of cards, overall I’m satsified with the end result. Fortunately my lamp stands in front of a wall, only showing one side of the shade. I just turn the shade with the ugly side to the wall and no one will ever know :D.

New Shade Faux Wood IKEA Lamp make-over
New Shade Faux Wood
New Lamp Shade IKEA hack samtid
New Lamp Shade
Shade with Light IKEA samtid make over
Shade with Light

One thought on “IKEA Lamp “Samtid” Make-Over

  1. i wish you showed a bit more in deetail with pictures how you did it and how it was going when you were doing it, I find it difficult to apply the adhesive on smth that is not straight surface but something as fragile as this lampshade. Basically I d like to buy that IKEA lamp and I was just looking how to change the look of it if I wanted to and I found out that there is no replacement shade you can buy for it, so your idea is great. Is the contact paper and adhesive foil the same thing? I worked more with contact paper and I find it not that easy really, I mean on some surfaces it is easy but on others not as easy. Thank you.


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