Great Gift Ideas: Books That Aren’t Books

Bathroom Guest Book JEMS

by Mary-Sue

*It’s the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalala.* Isn’t it too early to be singing Christmas… GIRRRLL it is NEVER to early to start singing Christmas songs. I think November is actually the perfect time to bring out the cozy Christmas PJs and put Pentatonix’s “That’s Chistmas To Me” album on repeat. For real y’all, this album will give you ALL the Christmas feels!

Anywho, with Christmas preparations also come the less enjoyable responsibilities of buying all your loved ones incredibly thoughtful presents to show you actually paid attention this year to their newfound hobbies and likings. So, let the Christmas stress commence. Or not. Because I’ve got two great gift ideas that I personally would love to receive. I recommend these “books” to people who are list-nerds and whose hearts start beating faster when hearing the word ‘stationary.’

The first book is “My Future Listography – All I Hope To Do In Lists” by Lisa Nola. The idea is quite simple: every page is dedicated to one prespecified topic. On the right hand side the topic is presented with lines underneath to write your thoughts and ideas, on the left hand side is a funny picture as an example. It’s a really cute book to write down your aspirations in life. The chosen topics are diverse and they really make you think. The book is around 14 Euros.

My Future Listography JEMS Gift Ideas
My Future Listography
List what your perfect home would entail future listography
List what your perfect home would entail
List people to not lose touch with my future listography
List people to not lose touch with

The second book is the “Bathroom Guest Book” by Knock Knock. This book is all about your visit to the smallest room in the house. It has questions on the reasons for your visit, the progression of the visit and the ambience of the room. Yeah, it’s basically about pooping but I think this is actually hilarious! So far no one has written in it yet, so I hereby urge all my friends to fill it out when they visit my house :D. The book is around 15 euros.

Bathroom Guest Book JEMS Gift Ideas
Bathroom Guest Book
Bathroom Guest Book JEMS Gift Ideas Inside
The Inside







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