About Us

about us

Welcome to J E M S! Here you’ll read about the sparkles we find in our daily life!

Mary-Sue (L)
Hi y’all! My name is Mary-Sue and I am 24 years old. From time to time I step out of my comfort-zone to do something I’ve never done before. I worked as a Camp Counselor in Texas, at random joined the board of a student theater society and last September moved to AMSTERDAM (very excited about that) to do a Masters in Health Sciences. I want to grow as a person and like being inspired by people’s stories. In return I’d like to help and inspire others. Also, I am addicted to the sun. Random fact for you there.

Jirrine (R)
I am Jirrine, a 23 year old girl from the Netherlands. I am currently taking a couple of months off from my BA American Studies but I am due to graduate in June 2016. In the meantime I work to pay the bills… Real life is about to start! My big passions are reading & history, but I also love beauty items, sneakers, fashion, crafting and nice outings with friends and family. I’ll just tell you about anything that strikes my fancy  :).

If you have any questions or comments you can reach us at jemssparkles@gmail.com 

about us 2


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