IKEA Lamp “Samtid” Make-Over

IKEA Samtid with rips make over

By Mary-Sue

After the IKEA coffee table make-over I still had half a roll of the adhesive foil left and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. The coffee table was namely not the only thing that endured rough damage during my moving houses. My IKEA lamp “Samtid” had a few rips in the lampshade and looked straight up pathetic.

This make-over pretty much speaks for itself: apply adhesive foil to the lampshade and you’re done. However, there are some problems I encountered and instead of doing a blog post on “ooh look how pretty the end result is” I wanted to show you what went on behind the foil. Because to be honest, that part is not pretty and actually badly constructed. Had I known what would happen upfront, I would have been more careful handling the shade. It’s not that I planned the shade to break, so this is just me, making the best of a bad situation and a heads-up for when y’all try this yourselves.

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Interior Red

by Mary-Sue

Behold the promised red-toned interior design pieces blog post. After last week’s all-white items (click HERE to see that post), these pieces will bring some color back into the house. All of the items are DIYed for my mom’s hobby (and soon to be company) is mosaicking. Let this blog post be the leading example that mosaicking is not outdated or dull at all, but can be very modern looking (and a fun process!).

Mosaicked candle holder DIY
Mosaic Candle Holder

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