IKEA Lamp “Samtid” Make-Over

IKEA Samtid with rips make over

By Mary-Sue

After the IKEA coffee table make-over I still had half a roll of the adhesive foil left and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. The coffee table was namely not the only thing that endured rough damage during my moving houses. My IKEA lamp “Samtid” had a few rips in the lampshade and looked straight up pathetic.

This make-over pretty much speaks for itself: apply adhesive foil to the lampshade and you’re done. However, there are some problems I encountered and instead of doing a blog post on “ooh look how pretty the end result is” I wanted to show you what went on behind the foil. Because to be honest, that part is not pretty and actually badly constructed. Had I known what would happen upfront, I would have been more careful handling the shade. It’s not that I planned the shade to break, so this is just me, making the best of a bad situation and a heads-up for when y’all try this yourselves.

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Friendship: What It Is And What It Isn’t

Let's Talk About Friendship
Sit Down and Let’s Talk About Friendship

by Mary-Sue

My friends are very dear to me and I value every single one of them. I don’t have a certain ‘type’ of friend and therefore all my friends have very different, unique personalities. There are a lot of funny blogposts with lists describing what a friendship should entail such as “you can be utter weirdos in public” or “you send each other very – VERY – ugly selfies via Snapchat.” However, I recently come to the realization that a good friendship is – on top of all the fun and games – characterized by the following two things.

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Our Life In 20 Questions – Tag

Jirrine and Mary-Sue Jemssparkles Jems
Jirrine and Mary-Sue

So we are doing this blogthing for a few months now and we thought it was about time we’d get a bit more personal. What better way than to do that with a TAG. We found this one on the website of the Dutch blogger Vera of veracamilla.nl and contains a bunch of random personal questions. If you like this post, feel free to copy it and tag us so we can check your answers out. We’d love to learn more about you as well :).

by Mary-Sue (MS) and Jirrine (J)

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Youtube Recommends: Music

by Mary-Sue

The amount of time I spend watching Youtube videos is clinically concerning. I am subscribed to at least 30 different content creators whose video’s I loyally watch each week.

Over the years I have stumbled upon so many awesome, touching and funny films that I wanted to start a new segment on this blog called “Youtube Recommends” where I will share some of my favorite clips. Today’s topic is “Music” and I have four different videos that made my eyes water.

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You Can Choose Your Thoughts

by Mary-Sue

motivational, inspirational, psychology101, jemssparkles, choose your thoughts, mind over matter, from darkness into the light
From darkness into the light

This is a message for all of you out there who are feeling a little bit blue and want to do something about it. That last part is very important; you crave a change in life and want to make an effort to do so. The quite simple solution takes hard work: change your thoughts.

“All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

If you believe you are a worthless person, how will you feel? Sad, hopeless, downhearted? If you feel bad, how will you behave? Timid, reticent, insecure? How will the outer world react to you when you bury your personality and only show a blank face? Probably standoffish. In return you will take this as a confirmation of the aforementioned thoughts of being worthless.

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Summer OOTD Pearls – #2


It’s not an ordinary day if you catch me in high heels. Either I’m on my way to a fancy party or a blogpost requires me to put more effort into my outfit. The later one was obviously the case here. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we’re not on youtube yet because I’m like Bambi in these shoes, even though they’re wedges. You can literally see my kneecaps and adjoined muscles holding me together. There’s a fitting Dutch phrase for such occasions and goes a bit like this “those who want to be pretty, have to deal with the suffering.”

Summer OOTD Pearls - #2, jemssparkles, groningen, the netherlands
You better hold on to your hat girl, it might fly away

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